Discover top 10 best bowler in India.

top 10 best bowler in india

India, a nation that loves cricket more than any sport has produced some remarkable talents in the bowling department. The country boasts a rich culture of producing bowlers who have left an incredible legacy on the field. Further, India’s bowling lineage have made a significant contribution to the sport. Here are the top 10 best bowler in India. The top 10 best bowler in India Now that we mentioned bowlers, we aim to delve into the profiles of India’s top […]

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How is the Strike Rate calculated in Cricket? Step-by-Step Guide.

how is strike rate calculated in cricket

Strike rate is a unique term that is widely used in the world of cricket. Given that cricket is a sport that is heavily associated with scores and numbers. It is why, knowing the strike rate is equally important in understanding the cricket’s score points. In that regard, we aim to enlighten “how is strike rate calculated in cricket?” What is Strike Rate? The strike rate has different meanings in the fields of bowling and batting in cricket, but it […]

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Expert IPL Betting Tips for Today’s Match

IPL 2024 matches have begun already on March 22 and continue to provide exciting games to watch out for. More games will start and go on to show off the athletes’ competitive playing skills in the IPL tournament. Lets, review the first five completed matches and the sixth match today. If you want IPL betting tips for today match details of these matches, our advice is to stay with us and continue to read this post until the end. First […]

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Curious about Cricket Stump Price? Here’s What You Need to Know

cricket stump price

Cricket is a well-loved sport in the world, especially in India. With its great pool of talented players, comes the massive supporters it has. There is no denying that, amidst the batting and bowling action on the field, we frequently ignore: the standing cricket stump. While we seemingly enjoy the cricket playing scenes and disregard the vital role of the cricket stump and its price. In this post, we will explain know its importance, role, and especially the cricket stump […]

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Exploring The Legacy of All Orange Cap Winners in IPL History

all orange cap winners in ipl

Orange Cap is one of the notable awards that any batsman would love to achieve in the world of IPL. It is a tradition of IPL that awards the best batsman who scores the highest number of runs in each season of the tournament. This prestigious title recognizes the top-performing players who push their teams to the final rounds of the IPL and make history. Therefore, all the IPL orange cap winners have achieved greater things not only for themselves […]

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Is online lottery legal in India? Everything you need to know

is online lottery legal in india

In India, one of the most well-known and participated games is the lottery. Indians have embraced this game completely ever since it has been available in the nation. From being available in local communities, which out to be authorized by Indian states, was once the most popular method of accessing legal lotteries. Additionally, with the emergence of the digital era online lotteries have entered scene in India. Giving many access to their beloved lottery games in a more convenient way. […]

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Bowling Excellence: A Complete List of IPL Purple Cap Winners

ipl purple cap winners list

The IPL purple cap title is a special award that bowlers strive for in the field of cricket. In every season of IPL, there are purple cap winners who get said recognition upon scoring the most wickets in the tournament. This award recognizes the best bowler who made a significant playing performance during the IPL season. In honor to their incredible bowling skills and playing talents, we are naming the IPL Purple Cap winners list starting from 2008 up until […]

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Top 20 famous cricket jersey numbers and its history.

famous cricket jersey numbers

Top cricketers have made a name for themselves in the sport of cricket. One of its results is creating fan-based among themselves. These inspired fans not only adore their idols but also want to support them in every possible way and even want to know more about them. The best example of fan fascination among famous cricketers is knowing their jersey numbers and the fascinating story behind them. In that regard, we want to provide a list of the top […]

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Exclusive IPL Fantasy League Tips for Today

ipl fantasy league tips

Cricket is a renowned sport in the country of India. Even in the form of online games, this sport is still well participated among us. We cannot argue any longer, as the cricket fantasy allows us to be part of the IPL mega sport . Although not a real match on the field, but through virtual setting. In this post, we shed light on “IPL fantasy league tips” to help you play fantasy cricket. Top Five IPL Fantasy League Tips […]

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Bowlers who took the Highest Wickets in one season of IPL

Top IPL bowlers: Highest wickets in One Season of IPL

The Indian Premier League has been the place for the best-performing cricket players ever since its inception in 2008. There is no denying that the IPL has produced great and top-notch bowlers in the cricket sport. Unfortunately, not all bowlers have great performances in IPL but those who do shine brighter than diamonds. Bowlers who took the Highest Wickets In connection to bowlers, we aim to give you a list of those who have the highest wickets in one season […]

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