Jasprit Bumrah: A Fast-Bowling Maestro’s Journey Through T20 Cricket

Jasprit Bumrah T20 World Cup Hero: Career Highlights & Impact

The cricketing world has welcomed a great pool of talents. One of the prominent players to witness is Jasprit Bumrah. This cricketer has magnificent skills in the bowling category that are hard to match with. With his impressive playing record, the opposing team can tremble undeniably. With everything we have said about him, it is now the time to recognize his greatness as a cricket player, as well as his amazing wicket-taking abilities. Let us look back at Jasprit Bumrah […]

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Exploring Pakistan’s Cricket Legacy in the T20 World Cup

Pakistan Cricket T20 World Cup: Past Records, Squad Analysis

Thanks to dedicated supporters and unending spectacular cricket performances, Pakistan has a long and rich history in the T20 World Cup. Cricket is a sport that the country is looking forward to. For this country, participating in the T20 World Cup is an honor they will cherish forever. Given that the T20 World Cup is a global sensation, it holds immense importance in the cricketing world. So, to learn more about the Pakistan Cricket T20 World Cup, we will delve […]

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A Complete List of T20 World Cup Men’s Winners

T20 World Cup Winners List Men: Top Teams and Players

The T20 World Cup is a leading international tournament for the shortest format of cricket games. This cricketing tournament is a highly anticipated sports event that highlights the best players of T20 cricket on a global platform. Beyond that, it holds immense significance not only for its participating players and nations. But also, for the progression and popularity of cricket sport on the global scale. Therefore, some top-performing players need to be recognized in the whirlwind world of T20 World […]

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Who has highest score in T20 women’s cricket?

Top Players with the Highest Score in T20 Women's Cricket

The race for the highest score in T20 Women’s Cricket is a thrilling one! The T20 cricket format is not only available for men but there is also for women too. Above anything else, women do accomplish great records in playing cricket, and despite not being heavily seen, women play this sport to promote cricket sport in the female category. In light of women’s accomplishments in cricket sport, we are here to guide you with the list of successes, that […]

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Yorkshire Women’s cricket team promoted to Tier 1 in 2026

Yorkshire Women's Cricket Team Promoted: ECB's Tier 1 Decision

In 2026, Yorkshire’s women’s team will become tier-one. It is a month after they missed their first chance to ascend to the top of the new domestic cricket pyramid for women. An overview of Yorkshire’s Tier 1 promotion On April 18, eight counties won a bid process to take over the existing regional teams. Consequently, awarded, Tier 1 rank for 2025. At first, Yorkshire and Glamorgan were told they would have to wait until 2027. That caused a lot of […]

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England vs Pakistan T20I Series 2024: Complete Guide

All you need to know about England vs Pakistan T20I Series

What is England vs Pakistan T20I Series 2024 ? England host Pakistan in a four-match T20I series. This acts as an opportunity to warm-up ahead of the World Cup in the Caribbean and the United States. What is the schedule? T20I series fixtures  Date Match Venue Time Teams Sat, 22 May ’24 1st T20I (N) Leeds 5:30 pm GMT England vs Pakistan Sat, 25 May ’24 2nd T20I Birmingham 1:30 pm GMT Tue, 28 May ’24 3rd T20I (N) Cardiff […]

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How to calculate DLS method in T20?

The DLS Method in Cricket T20: Top Matches & How it works?

In T20 cricket, the DLS method, also known as the Duckworth-Lewis-Stern method, is used to set a revised target score for the team batting second when a sudden rain disrupts a match, or other factors and overs are lost. Are you now intrigued with how this method works in the world of T20 cricket? This guide will walk you through the DLS method and how it functions in T20 cricket. If you are into this kind of topic, especially the […]

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