Beating the Slot Machines – Tommy Glenn Carmichael

Beating the Slot Machines - Tommy Glenn Carmichael

Tommy Glenn Carmichael was born in the mid-1950s. As a child, he is already interested in technology. That’s the reason behind his opening of a TV merchandise and repair store. The Oklahoma store named Ace TV Sales and Service. It was a huge success at first but eventually hit losing because of its growing competitors. It led to the shutting down of his business.

Introduction to Slot Machine

After the unfortunate events of his life. His friend Ray Ming introduced him to a miniature slot machine and a casino cheaters tool, a top-down joint. Ray told Tommy to approach his vehicle and opened the trunk. So, it’s the start of Tommy’s casino cheating orientation.  Hence, he took the machine, studied and examined a slot machine’s mechanics. Therefore, after hours of patience. He’s ready to try his new methods of cheats on a casino in Las Vegas.

First Cheating Experience

Tommy has been testing his abilities since his first encountered with the slot machine. Outside the Las Vegas strip, he cheated on a small casino. Afterward, he moved on to a better casino, a more expensive slot machine, he, therefore became fiercer in doing the tricks. His skillful fingers and devices carried him to 1,000 bucks an hour. Tommy conducted his tricks at all casinos for the following years. He stole gambling houses money, upgraded his tools, and invented new methods. Therefore, he’s hunted by the police, but the absence of proof prevents them from arresting him.

First Time Arrested

Tommy Glenn Carmichael spent the next few years using his different strategies to accumulate millions of dollars from casinos. However, casinos are becoming more conscious of cheaters instruments, so casinos are updating their machines using the recent technology through Random Number Generators. Thus, it resulted in him playing on smaller gambling halls that this advanced technology could not afford. However, he’s spotted doing his offenses became it’s now simple to spot him cheating. Unknowingly the police were investigating and caught him. Therefore, Tommy tried to prove his innocence, but in his pocket, the police discovered his top-bottom joint cheating tool. They convicted him of five years in prison.

Discovered New Cheating Method

A few months ago, before they released Tommy from prison, the new advanced technology was the video poker slot machine. This new gaming worked with the improved random number generators and microprocessors. Therefore, to dissect and figure out how to conquer it, he bought a video poker machine at home. After having figured it out for a year. Tommy will test his latest invention. The Monkey Paw. It’s made of guitar wire and flexible spring steel. Slot machines, however, have been constantly updating and tracked for deficiencies. He discovered again a fresh way to cheat. Besides cheating, he also sold his invention to any paying customer on the black market. In addition, he developed a group that in the past had encountered cheating casinos.

Imprisoned After Getting Caught

For nearly four years, the group flourished until the end of 1996 when Tommy and his crew visited the Las Vegas Circus Hotel and Casino. Surveillance cameras are all around; however, it left Tommy unaware that led him caught. They charged him this time with cheating, possessing a cheating device, and making cheating devices. There seems to be insufficient evidence to keep him for a long time. And before being convicted as a leader of America’s most wanted cheating operation, they arrested him several more times. They convicted Tommy to imprisonment for one year and probation for three years.

Tommy’s After Sentence

Tommy volunteered to work with the Nevada Gaming Commission to create anti-cheating equipment that could use in new slot machines. His successful creation called the “Protector,” which created to block all known cheating devices.

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