Casino Games and its Name Origin

Casino Games and its Name Origin

Have you thought about the origin of the name of particular casino games? Behind its famous names or terms. Therefore, if you’re one of the many who wants to know about it. Therefore, today, let’s start digging the past and orient ourselves with the different casino names. 


Because of its spinning wheel layout, Roulette is the French word for small wheel and from there the name has got its name. The Roulette was invented by the French physicist called Blaise Pascal. Furthermore, the Roulette wheel was instead created as he tried to invent the perpetual motion machine. But turned out the gambling invention was the Roulette.

For many years, this game has been a favorite game in France. It is when Francois Blanc, a French businessman, relocated with his brother, Louis, to Germany. They opened a casino and created a new, double-zero version of roulette. American casino owners, however, did not appreciate the fact that the game had a minimal edge of the house, so it returned to the original version with a single zero and double zero. Until then the American Roulette became popular.


One of Italy’s oldest casino games is the Baccarat game. Its name originates from zero in Italian. Baccarat has been played with tarot cards since the 1400s. After hearing an old Etruscan legend, Felix Falguiere was an Italian gambler who invented the game derived its concepts and features. Another possibility is that the play came from France. The only proof for this, however, is the fact that the term baccarat in French and Italian means zero. But there’s no enough evidence for that, to prove this theory of origin.

Besides, Baccarat has been a famous French royalty game for decades. Until the 19th century, it became common in Europe. In the beginning, Baccarat’s French variation was “Chemin de fer” thus becoming popular in England, where they changed European Baccarat’s rules and name of the game and the game was to South America. But in particular, the United Kingdom preferred it as Punto Banco. This version was spread to Cuba and the Caribbean. And, finally, in the early 1950s, Tommy Renzoni introduced this game to the U.S.


Craps is a dice game. In which players make wagers or a series of rolls on the outcome of the roll. It was officially known as “Hazard.” During medieval knights back to the time of the Crusades, this Hazard game was played. Because street craps could be performed in casual environments because it just needed little game requirement.

This name craps is thought to have been invested in spinning off the French term “Crapaud” meaning “Toad.” This game has been popular for several centuries throughout France and the United Kingdom. It was when France colonized and brought the game with Nova Scotia known as Canada. Also spread the game near New Orleans, when the French settled there. Therefore, the game became popular.


Poker refers to a wide category of games that usually compete with each other rather than a dealer. Since there are several games under the poker category, the sort of games we play today may have possible origins. Therefore, before it was called poker, it was simply called “Bluff” by most individuals. The word “Bluff” was a shortened version of two words with similar meanings. “Bluffen” was an American English term intended to brag or boast. While “verbluffen” was described as misleading. There was also a German name similar name to the poker “Pochspiel,” which was named after the German term “Pochen.” In which the name has been given to the French term “Poque.” At the time, the name “Pochen” meant bragging or bluffing. In France, the term for poker was “Poca” and in Britain “Brag”.

The two variations of card game poker are Texas hold ’em and Omaha hold ’em.


Blackjack came from France and Spain. It was from a French term called “Vingt-un” or Vingt-et-un” meaning 21. Originated in French Casinos in the early 1700s. However, in Spain, a similar game is known as “One and Thirty” was in trend. The goal of the game was to reach a total of 31 using three or more cards. Whenever the game was originated and found. It was spread to North America with French colonists in the 1900s.

Most believed that this game was derived from the French card games Chemin de Fer and French Ferme which were in trend at that time. Anyways, it was spread out and gain popularity in Nevada in 1931 as the fist state chose to gamble to become legal. Blackjack is one of the globally popular banking games known as twenty-one.

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