The Modern Involvement of Women to Online Gambling

The Modern Involvement of Women to Online Gambling

Gambling is always seen as a man’s activity. However, with the growth of the online gaming industry, the perceptions have begun to change as more and more female gamblers are under the age of thirty-five are switching on their computers or mobile devices to place bets on their favorite games. Girls are more likely to play at online casinos rather than visiting land-based casino establishments. This has led to the development of marketing casinos for women. In fact, female gamblers place bets with greater confidence in the comfort of their own home without the intimidation manifesting from male gamblers.

Casinos Market to Women

Online casinos are now targeting female players by offering games that most appeal to female gamblers, such as slots, bingo, and scratch cards. Casino brands are also working on updating their image and creating an environment with advertisements design to appeal to the ladies. Advertisements are now being replaced with ads that appeal to wider diverse players. Therefore, online casino brands are paying attention to their target market, particularly women, including what they like, their interests and wants. Therefore, casinos have focused on attracting female players as well in their gambling catalog.

What Casino Needs to understand about Women Gamblers?

While different marketing strategies may work but in order for online brands to capture the interest of female gamblers; they need to understand what motivates women to become the consumers of the gambling products. Afterward, they can execute casino marketing techniques and strategies towards them. More so, they should understand as well that women use casino products as they were projected to be; a means of relaxation, entertainment, and fun. In which it leads to longer participation in gambling while playing for less money. Therefore, they are more aware of their use of gambling products. Female players are loyal once they find a brand they like and stick with the casino operator for a longer time. Casino brands should understand the core difference between marketing towards men and women.

Will More Women Gamble Online than Men?

This question left many with wonder. Mostly likely that the gambling industry shifts more toward social online gambling. Because more women are engaging in a social casino play than men. The numbers of women gambling increases as years pass by. Therefore, we conclude that the gap between men and women gamblers are becoming narrowed. As the world of the gambling industry is constantly changing and evolving. In time, with no definite date women, can catch up with the number of men who gamble; because as we mentioned the difference between the two genders is evidently decreasing.

Here are the five women who made gambling history.

Final Words

Still, up to the modern-day, women are still less accepted as gamblers than men. They are portrayed as nurturing mothers, daughters and responsible homemakers. Because of that stigma, it is hard for female gamblers to open up their gambling habits with their family and friends. The societal gender roles have put them to shame and still block them to enjoy the state of happiness when gambling. Despite these facts, women have shown increased presence at gambling-related activities over the years. Preferring different casino games to play. Grateful for the online gambling industry that helps women to gamble even at the place of their own home. Again, in time, women gamblers will be fully accepted as gamblers in gambling houses, either online or land-based casinos. If that moment comes, we can finally say that gender inequality will put an end.  

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