Top Five Gambling Countries in Asia

Top Five Gambling Countries in Asia

Asian countries give us the most lavish land-based casinos for the record. Proud to tell that these casinos can compete worldwide. Are you in the hunt for the gambling countries of Asia? If you are, then you come to the right place as we give lists and details for you to choose the best out there. Hence, let’s have a look and find the most magnificent and grandiose casino resorts in Asia.

1.   Macau, China

We start from the top destination. Therefore, Macau is referred to as the Las Vegas of the East and is known for opening the biggest casinos in the world. It became the most undisputed gambling capital in Asia. That’s why this country turns out to be the most chosen destination for Asian gamblers. Hence, it has 30 functioning casinos for Macau only that gives gamblers the choices to choose from. With a wide variety of destinations, it caters to every kind of gambler. Therefore, casinos in Macau for the record collected a gigantic amount of a billion US dollars giving Macau the undeniable highest capital GDP of the record. Their gambling tourism is accountable for more than half of its economic growth. Macau will never be left behind on our lists.

2.   Singapore

Second on our top lists of countries in Singapore. Casinos in Singapore are one a kind compared to other countries. It gives the gamblers and tourists high end feels of casino resorts that will leave you in admiration. Above all, Singapore is recognized for its luxurious and expensive casinos despite the odds that it has lesser gambling houses compared to Macau. Still gambling in Singapore is preferred by most high rollers considering it caters to the world’s expensive casino, the Marina Bay Sands. While second in line for its spectacular casino is the Resorts World Sentosa in which also been patronized by many gamblers because of its sophistication and class. We can tell that its marvelous interior will allure you giving you the best casino feels ever. Therefore, this country wouldn’t be on our list of top gambling countries without a reason.

3.   Philippines

The third in line is the Philippines. This country is one of the top tourist destinations in Asia. The Philippines is known for the tropical destination, but this time it offers a gambling place for everyone. The gambling opened the door for the Philippines and got the attention of casino lovers. Therefore, it became one of the biggest contenders of Macau and Singapore in giving a real casino experience. The growing gambling industry had provided venues for casinos in the country namely the Solaire Resort Casino, City of Dreams, Resorts World Manila and Resorts World Bayshore. Adding to the list is the newest casino, Okada Manila, which gains an enormous amount of fame and reputation. Hence, the Philippines is making a mark on being one of the best destinations for casinos. Among the gambling countries that can be on your list to visit.

4.   Malaysia

We’ve come to the second spot to the last. Malaysia has started the resort world casino chain in Asia. Above all, this country has a single casino resort but one of the glorious properties to be seen. Hence, this is the resort world casino in Malaysia known as Resorts World Genting and also referred to as Casino de Genting. The casino will bring you to the heights of the mountain and lets you play at the peak of the highland. Thus, it is considered one of the biggest casinos in the world, having two hundred thousand square feet. The casino boasts its three thousand slots and other electronic games with over four hundred gaming tables. Therefore, Malaysia is at its gaming face and wouldn’t want to be at the bottom list of the top gambling countries in Asia.

5.  Japan

Finally, Japan was named the last country on our list. This country wouldn’t be on our list for no reason. In Japan, however, gambling is strictly regulated. Many forms of gambling, including lottery, pachinko, betting on cycling, football, auto, boat, and horse racing, are already legal.

Given the constraints and limitations, Japan’s gambling revenue remains to soar high. The pinball gambling industry in the country acquired 30 times Las Vegas ‘ annual gambling revenue, double the export car industry in Japan, and more than the entire GDP of New Zealand. According to figures, over $200 billion each year, about 15 million people frequent visits pachinko parlors.

Recently, the Japanese government approved three integrated resorts ‘ legalization and regulation, which will be the country’s first 3 casinos. Some analysts have predicted that the Japanese gambling industry could be worth $16 billion, which is less than the Macau of China, but more than Las Vegas, making Japan the world’s second most lucrative gambling market in the future.

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