Top Five Most-Watched Sports in India

Top Five Most-Watched Sports in India

Indians have a craze for sports. That’s why the sports viewership on television has risen to 46 billion in 2018 according to data collection firm BARC India. Therefore, sports enthusiasts can be seen watching their favorite sport and would never miss it out of one event. Here are the lists of the top five most-watched sports in India.

1. Cricket

Hands down to India’s most-followed watched and loved sport which is none other than Cricket. In this sport, anticipate that the entire nation will watch it on the television whenever a cricket match will begin. No matter the time of the day it is. Every year, the Indian Premier League (IPL) holds a fantastic record of around 500-600 million views. Cricket is far from the most popular sport in India and most played.

 2. Football

It is considered the second most-watched sport in India. The said sport is administered by the All India football federation (AIFF). Therefore, football has increasingly become popular with Indian viewers. Boasts enormous followers in India. Despite having lost the momentum of for quite some time. Hence, football is regaining popularity in the country. Thanks to the tournaments like Indian Super League and I- League.

3. Wrestling

This sport will never get old. Wrestling has been existing in India since ancient times. Hence, the purpose was mainly to exercise to stay physically fit. All the action-packed and intense wrestling combats of the wrestlers have produced 100 million viewers in India up to date.

4. Kabaddi

A sport that originated in Tamil Nadu Ancient India. It is one of the popular sports that played mainly among the people in villages. This sport has now turned into an international sport in India. It gained a viewership of around 10 million in the first week. And get a record of 435 million views in 2014. Therefore, making it the second most-watched and followed league in India.

5. Tennis

Though this is an individual sport, tennis has a considerable number of followers in India. Despite its limited to urban areas, tennis is counted among the popular sports in the country. Anyway, this sport will surely take you to another level of enjoyment and thrill. Therefore, India will never be left behind in terms of the number of tennis players who get international recognition. It is found that 40% of the Indian population is a tennis sports fanatic.

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