Top 5 Tips to Win at Sic Bo

Top 5 Tips to Win at Sic Bo

Sic Bo is an ancient Chinese gambling game and is considered to be the oldest dice game ever made. It’s played with three dice and players bet on the result of a single roll of those dice. Sic Bo is one of the most famous casino games in Asia and has been played in many casinos. This game is a simple dice game focused solely on luck or chance.

What you need is to put your chips on a bet box on the table. The dice are rolled and if the result of the roll matches your bet, you will certainly win. Sic Bo is a set of potential bets, each with their payoff odds. In this post, we will give you some Sic Bo tips that can help you improves your winning when playing this game.

Choose to Bet on Small or Big in Sic Bo

The ideal bet in Sic Bo is to choose small or big bets because you will be able to win more regularly with them. The small bet is when the players assumed the total of the three dice is between 4 and 10. While the big bet is the total between 11 and 17. Payout odds on Big and Small bets are 1:1, making these bets more conservative. This is because, although these bets have lower payoff odds, they are more likely to occur. The likelihood of rolling this outcome and any outcome with 1 to 1 odd is almost 50%.

Choose Combination Bets

A combination bet is a bet on any two different numbers displayed on the three dice. This type of method of betting is usually ignored by players because it has a low house edge of 2.77% and the odds with this bet are 6:1 which means that the players can expect to win one in every seven bets. This may not seem to be much, but this approach cannot be ignored, as the opportunity to win can be projected to win one. However, if you use this approach more regularly and carefully, you are assured of a consistent payoff compared to other riskier bet types that cannot give you the same payout that combination bets offer to you.

Avoid the Triple Bet

Betting on a triple as your main bet is not highly suggested because of its high loss potential because a triple bet odd is 180:1, the riskiest bet on Sic Bo. Any triple bet means that you have correctly anticipated the only number that has come upon all three dice. Which is very uncommon to happen that is why it is riskier if you place bet on that method. If you choose to continue betting triple, you most likely to lose more money most of the time. The smart move is to avoid this bet whenever possible.

Know the Odds of Sic Bo

Knowing the odds of any Sic Bo game will make a big difference to the win and payout rate of the player. The first thing to remember is the house edge, which can fall anywhere between 3% and 30% depending on the casino. It is suggested to find a casino that provides the lowest house edge possible.

The odds of winning are based on the probability of rolling dice combinations. Therefore, we advised reading the payout odds on the table as they act as a good guide for understanding which dice combinations are more or less likely to be rolled.

Practice Frequently this Game

Like any casino game where rules are required, practice is the key to improving the chances of success. Learning different Sic Bo methods in betting will be such a great help. Though, as we all know that no betting system works 100% and lowers the house edge of the game. However, as Sic Bo is mainly a game of chance, but with certain tactics, the chance of winning can be modified slightly. It does sure help a bit. On the other hand, for anyone whose beginner can learn the d’Alembert or Labouchere systems for Sic Bo. Both vary in their approach to the game. However, both of them can give a reasonable chance of improving the odds.

Follow us with these simple and valuable tips. Then apply them to our JeetWin Sic Bo game. The best results are ahead of you.

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