Types of Poker Playing Styles that You Must Know

Types of Poker Playing Styles that You Must Know

Each poker player has a distinctive style of playing. Such various ways of play can be grouped into main styles of play and thus important to know to anticipate the actions of your opponents. Knowing that you will learn how to play as a player, and you will be informed about the various types of play. Thus, you ‘re ready to tackle the game as you know how to predict the style of your opponent’s play. In this article, we will describe the various playing types of poker players and lead you through the groups listed below.

TAG – Tight Aggressive

The tight-aggressive poker playing style, or also known as TAG, is one of the most successful and winning poker styles out there. This style is someone who plays a few hands, but they inclined to overshadow their opponents when they have to do so. This player only engaged in solid hands. Therefore, they have a high probability chance of winning in the game. Not only that, they are aggressive, but they have a managed disposition because they have the patience to wait before a premium hand goes their way to maximize profits and reduce losses.

A tight-aggressive player doesn’t play hands out of curiosity; he’s selective about his moves, but he’s also influenced by the hands he adores. He also folds the pre-flop or immediately after the flop. As this player continues its hands, he finds knowledge that he does not get by check/call, but by bet/raise. This player is generally driving a powerful betting or raising action.

LAG – Loose Aggressive

Described as maniac at the table. This player is a person who can leap into action with any number of hands, ranging from strong starting hands to a less desirable one. Lag plays a lot of hands, and he’s a player who often bets and raises. Although LAG players may be more likely to get on a less stable footing in the game, they make up for their lack of discretion with good, aggressive betting behavior.

They ‘re playing such a wide range of hands that it’s hard to guess what they’re holding. A loose-aggressive player is like a rebel who does not follow the rules. He doesn’t seem to get bothered with odds, and he plays almost every hand as a player. This loose-aggressive player wouldn’t mind play games with you since they are unpredictable and extremely erratic in their game. They bet, raise and re-raise with little hesitation, no matter what the odds are on finishing their hand. This player seems to be successful however their playing style lacks patience and because of that their overall win rate is low.

TP – Tight Passive

This type of player shows a passive poker playing style that don’t put themselves on the limb when it comes to leading the action. Most of the time, they will only ebb and flow along with the current of any given hand, rarely raising or betting the opponent out. This style of play has a conservative approach to the game. A player who rarely engages in any hands, and when he does, will do so by simply calling.

They always play with fears in them and scared of losing, that’s why they rarely take any risks in the game. These players have the patience to hold out their hands, which benefits them from playing against loose players. When you are passive and tight, you are not going to see much action. These players would rather call and check whenever possible. Even a solid hand is not likely to stimulate them into action. 

LP – Loose Passive

This player is known as calling stations, they have had fun seeing flops and refer to a conservative approach. They rarely display any offensive behavior, and that’s why loose-passive players are called calling stations. This style of play is perfect for any poker game. They love to check the call right to the showdown, too. Upon facing this opponent, you need to realize that it’s almost a second nature for them to call you, no matter what they hold.

Usually, this person plays a lot of starting hands, but he rarely bets or raises. That is why a lot of beginners are playing this style. They infrequently show any aggressive actions, and the ideal approach to them is to play your strong hands and reduce any bluffing attempts. Loose passive players will play a ton of hands and often call. Bluffing is for no great use against this player, as he’s only going to call you instead.

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