Football in India

Football in India

Football is undeniably a good sport that has been loved by many sports enthusiasts out there. Who wouldn’t be attracted by this sport? As this is one of the most viewed sport worldwide. Of course, India would not be left behind to its charm. As it comes closer to the popularity of the most favorite sport, which is cricket. In this post, let’s dig deeper into what’s football for India is.

What is Football?

Football is a sport that is widely recognized in some countries as soccer. Composed of two teams with eleven members each. Ultimately, the sport aims at the teams that are playing; it is to grab the ball into the other goal’s team. The team with the higher score is the champion of the game.

History of Football in India

Football in India started back in the nineteenth century whilst British soldiers introduced this game. Hence, today, this game is extensively embraced in many parts of India. Particularly in West Bengal, Goa, Kerala, and the North-Eastern States. Later, the Indian Football Association was founded. And shortly other clubs such as Mohun Bagan, Sovabazar, and Aryan Club got built into existence. Hence, Calcutta became the headquarters of Indian Football. 

To past forward to what is current. In 2017, India partook for the first period in the FIFAI U-17 World Cup, hosting the said occasion. The country participated in its first competition. But sadly India was defeated in the game. In 2018, India Football rose by beating Argentina U20 in the Cotif Cup and Iraq U16.

India’s Ranking at FIFA

India football team remained in its 108th spot in the latest FIFA ranking. The country did not play an international match this year. Therefore, has been no change from their position in December 2019 FIFA Rankings. 

Outstanding Records of Football in India

  • FIFA World Cup – India has been qualified for the 1950 World Cup.
  • AFC Asian Cup – India has qualified four times for the AFC Asian Cup. The first team to play was in 1964.
  • Olympics – India participated in four Olympic football tournaments between 1948 and 1960.

India’s Football today

Today, Indian football needs to keep up with the successes of its European, American, and even certain Asian nations. For Indian Football, the path to success is a long one. Hence, as Indian football enthusiasts would like to happen that it upsurges out of its recent status. Proving the label as a ‘sleeping giant’ is just a big blunder. And one day the World Cup trophy will be held by India. Despite the eagerness of some to promote and improve the football reputation. Sadly, some people connote that India lacks the necessary infrastructure that hindrance its ultimate success.

However, that saying is not well support since other countries’ stories. Proven its victories despite the lacking. To put an end to this, Indian football is not all in a dim condition. Therefore, as for India’s promoters have shown positive changes and improvements. Regarding the sport in the country, including programs to publicize sports in that region.

Therefore, Football in India will never be affected and defeated by its commentators and critics. As we know recently in 2017; the FIFA U-17 World Cup was hosted by India. Hence, the first time the country has hosted a FIFA event. This was the first time that a team from India had played in the FIFA World Tournament.

Football in India keeps getting closer to the attention of what cricket has achieved. In addition to that, in 2013; India’s current top domestic football league Indian Super League was built. To promote Indian football to the country.

The promotion of the said sport will not be stopping by any moment and someday it will achieve its goal in the country. In any case, what India needs today is love, passion, support, and open-mindedness about the sports that underlie good attributes.

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