Top 9 Tips To Ace Progressive Slots

Top 9 Tips To Ace Progressive Slots

Slot machines are some of the most iconic parts of casinos, and their popularity has extended to online casinos as well. A simple game of chance, when certain symbols align on the reels, you get a payout. Progressive slots are more risky, yet more rewarding. In progressive slots, the value of the payout or jackpot increases with each spin, but more spins are required to trigger the jackpot. In comparison, you have a higher chance of winning a non-progressive slot but the payout won’t be as large.

Offline and online casinos at times link together multiple slots to a single jackpot, further raising the value of the payout. Although slots are by nature a game of chance, there are some tips you can use to increase your chances of winning progressive slots.

1. Always have a budget

Gambling can be addictive, especially when it is online and there is no closing time for the casino and you feel yourself to be just one click away from the next jackpot. Before you start playing on a progressive slot, keep a budget in mind so that you do not lose more money than you can afford. Remember, progressive slots do take a number of tries to win, so if you can afford it, keep a large budget.

2. Research and research!

Before you start playing on any progressive slot, do your research. Learn all about the specific slot, if it offers bonus rounds, what the paylines are, what the jackpot is, and most importantly, what the odds are for winning. In online slots, the odds indicate how frequently the jackpot is being won and can help you have a general estimate of when you can expect a win.

3. Choose a slot you enjoy

Apart from choosing a slot that has a good jackpot, always try to choose a slot that you genuinely enjoy playing. Consider the themes, reels, and symbols, so that the process of reaching the jackpot is more fun for you personally, even if you do or do not win the jackpot in that sitting. This will help you have a more positive experience with the slots overall.

4. Number of reels

The number of reels that the slot has along with the number of symbols gives you an idea of the probable number of combinations that the slot offers. The lower the number of reels, the greater your chances of hitting the jackpot. Try out 3-reel slots to increase your odds of winning, and try to avoid very large reel combinations.

5. Check the eligibility

Most progressive jackpots will have a minimum bet requirement below which you would not be eligible for the jackpot. Check the terms and conditions of the progressive slot and jackpot to make sure that you are meeting the minimum requirements.

6. Place the maximum bet

Typically, progressive slots will move closer towards the jackpot with larger bets. If the progressive slot you are on is close to the jackpot, place the maximum bet (within your budget) so as to get closer to the payout in a faster manner, increasing your chances to win the jackpot.

7. Use bonuses and offers

Many online casinos offer bonuses, deals, casino points, loyalty bonuses or other promotions. If the terms and conditions indicate that the promotion can be used towards a progressive jackpot, it is a great way to get closer to the jackpot while spending less. 

8. Wait for a big jackpot

With progressive jackpots, the best time to play is when the jackpot value is high. As a result, you will require less turns to release the jackpot, and you get the advantage over the online casino. Avoid jackpots that are closer to their starting points.

9. Know when to stop

As the value of the jackpot of progressive slots increases, it can get tempting to try just one more time for the big win. However, it is important to be able to identify when you are on a losing streak, and when it is time to cut your losses and try again another time. For any reason, if your luck is not on your side, you need to be smart about stopping.

Fun and unpredictable, slots are a great way to enjoy taking a risk on online casinos. If you want to win big, but are also prepared to lose then try your hand at progressive slots. Using smart tips you can increase your chances of hitting the big jackpot. Nevertheless, remember to enjoy the game!

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