Difference Between Squares and Sharps in Sports Betting

Difference Between Squares and Sharps in Sports Betting

The world of sports betting is full of terms that sometimes do not make sense to the general public. If you are new to the world of sports betting, two words will probably make their way to you very often. These two words are Sharps and Squares. People use these terms to describe primarily the two types of players that you might find in the betting world. The word Square is used to describe the newbies or the non-professional bettors who occasionally dabble in the world of betting. These people make up the majority of sports bettors. On the other hand, Sharps or sharp bettors are professional sports bettors. These people have been in the field for a long time and know it inside out. Here are a few key differences between Sharps and Squares.

What are Squares?

Squares are also known as Casual bettors, Average Joes, and Recreational bettors in the betting circles. People use the word square to describe the person who is new to the betting world or only occasionally bets for fun and recreational purposes. They consider sports betting to be a form of entertainment. They are mostly not good players as they do not take betting very seriously. Most of the people in the sports betting world are squares.

What are Sharps?

Sharps are the professionals of the betting world. They are also called pros and wiseguys and with good reason. These guys are the pros in the field. They are familiar with every bit of the betting world and bet professionally for a living. These veterans are good at what they do and play very well.

What are the Differences between Squares and Sharps?

There are a few ways that you can tell the difference between a sharp and a square bettor.

  1. Squares tend to bet on the favorites more. While the Sharps take everything into account and bet on the ones they determine are going to win. People who are not professional bettors always tend to bet on the big games and bet for the team that has a better reputation and track record. But professional bettors know that many other things have to be taken into consideration before one can make a wise bet. So they also bet on the underdogs sometimes if they determine that they are more likely to win.
  1. Sharp bettors tend to bet more money than square bettors. Since they are betting for fun, and most of the time accept their loss even before they bet, square bettors do not bet too much money. They usually play it safe and might bet a very low amount on their favorite team. Sharp bettors, on the other hand, tend to bet a lot more money. They do not only bet on the main game but the side events as well. They bet a lot more money and usually are secure in their bets.
  1. Sharp bettors do a lot more research. Since they are professional bettors, sharps spend a lot of time coming up with their own betting system. They come up with their odds as well. They match their odds with the sportsbook and take advantage of any discrepancies they might find. Squares on the other hand are usually emotional bettors. They tend to either bet on the favorite or their home team. They do not expect to win and so they do not put in as much work as the Sharps.
  1. Sharps are not afraid to take risks. Since they do not bet unless they have faith in their calculations, Sharps are often very confident in taking some risks. They are not afraid to bet on an unpopular team, they even bet on the underdog. And since they do not attach emotional value to the money they bet, even losing does not take a toll on them. Unlike the squares, they know that even if they’re good, they will lose a lot of time. The important thing is to practice and keep going until you get an edge.


There are a lot of differences between Square and Sharp bettors. But sharp bettors were not made in a day. Every sports bettor starts out as a square. It might take years or decades for one to reach a professional level. The sharps know that they are not going to win every time, and yet they are confident in their bets. Their confidence comes from experience, which is the most important component of any type of betting.

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