Do Slots Hold Beginners Back – 6 Reasons Why It Is So

Do Slots Hold Beginners Back - 6 Reasons Why It Is So

Slot games are fun because of how easy they are to play. No firm set of rules, no table manners to follow. And best of all you can play them alone. In any casino you go, they are set in a maze-like shape all over the floor. And it can be terribly hard to get over the light and sounds from the machines blaring up all over the place. However, it is imperative to do so. If you get into the habit of only playing slots or putting your all into it, you are going to lose a lot. 

Most of the slots have terrible hit rates. And if you keep hitting the buttons and keep losing it is all over for you. In fact, slot machines make out the most of a casino’s profits. This is why today we are going to talk about why slots tend to hold beginners back. Read on, to learn more.

Jackpot odds are not in your favor 

The attraction of slots is greater for beginners because here, they do not have to follow rules. Nor do they have to mind their manners or risk making a fool of themselves. However, if you keep hitting the machines hoping for that one jackpot cherry to drop, you are terribly out of luck. This is one game that works purely on random algorithms. So, unless you have that literal one in a billion luck favoring you that night, you are going to miss it. So, it is better to understand that before you go overboard on the machines.

You are likely to lose more than you gain

In general, slots have a debatable payout reputation. Normally, it should hover around 90%-93%. What it basically means is that for every $100 you slip in, you are going to get a return of about $90. Now, the odds are worse for big bets. So, if you keep betting big for a long time, you are going to miss some of them. Inevitably, adding the house edge with that you lose a lot more than you bargained for. This is a rookie mistake beginners do in hopes of hitting big. The better option is to bet small, lose small and build a healthy sum slowly in the long run.

It can turn into a dangerous habit

There is no other way to say it. Slot games are very addictive. If you are someone who can not check themselves and stop, it would be better if you avoid it altogether.  Otherwise, it can turn into a dangerous habit to a point that you end up betting and losing more than you can afford to. Always, always be conscious about your bankroll. Manage it properly with proper plans and goals. And never cross them if you want to excel at anything in life really.

You lose the chance of excelling in the game

The main appeal of slots to some people is that there are no rules, and no manners to follow. However, this same appeal can be harmful to you, if you really want to become good at poker. Most of the poker games run on a firm set of rules. There are even proper table manners and a code of conduct. They help to keep you in check at a table with other players. However, a no-boundaries attitude can hinder your performance majorly when you go next to play table games. In turn, it can ruin not only your but also everyone else’s experience in the group.

Not such a good starting place

The most important thing is to analyze yourself for weaknesses and strengths. Do a lot of research as to whether you are really suitable for starting your gambling career with slots. You need to understand and accept the facts and act accordingly. Running on emotions is only going to cause you disappointment.

Occasional is key

There are a lot of things you need to keep in check. However, it does not mean that you can not enjoy this fun game at all. Do it occasionally, bet smart, and keep it light. As long as you do not try to build a fortune with slots you are fine.


Gambling of any kind can be quite addictive. And the temptation is far greater for slots where you have no one to keep you in check. Beginners must consider whether it is a good choice for them before committing. However, playing in moderation and playing smart is the key to be successful at gambling. Keep these things in your mind and you will be fine to play whatever you want to play.

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