The Grandma with the Golden Arm

Read here to know about the Grandma with the Goldem Arm. Casino Gambling has never been more fun for our hero grandma. Find out why.

To the unaware, a Golden Arm in the casino world means a craps player who has rolled dice for over an hour without losing. Our hero for today, a grandmother from New Jersey named Patricia Demauro fits this description of this casino gambling term and more! What is Craps? Craps may sound something different but casino enthusiasts and casual gamblers know this a celebrated dice game where players bet on the outcome of the roll, or a series of rolls, […]

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Casino Terminology and Jargons You Should Know

Read here to know about the terms and jargons used in all casinos of the world. For the best casino content, subscribe to JeetWin blog.

The world of casino may be overwhelming to some—especially to newbies and beginners. Its developed and unique set of jargons that you will only find in a casino setting makes game time faster and easier to those knowledgeable. However, the truth is the opposite for novices. Don’t fret! We’re here to help you out. Today, let’s look at some of the most used words and jargons unique to casino world gambling and their meaning. A-D Action: It means play in […]

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Seven Types of Online Casino Players

Read here to know the Seven Types of Online Casino Players. Want to become an online casino player? Check us out right now.

Online casinos have changed the gambling industry since it first became available to the public to the giant of a phenomenon it is today. A lot of things are made different from traditional casinos as is necessary to keep up with the advancement of technology. However, there are some factors that remain unchanged. One of these are the casino players. A casino player is one who frequent casinos whether traditional ones or online sites. Players keep casinos alive whether online […]

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Eden Gardens—Cricket’s Answer to the Colosseum

Eden Gardens Cricket Stadium

Oldest and Largest Cricket Stadium Established in 1864 or about 155 years ago, the Eden Gardens is the oldest cricket stadium in India, seventh oldest cricket stadium in the world, and the largest cricket stadium in India. It is also the second largest stadium in the world by capacity. Critics have dubbed the stadium the “Mecca of Indian Cricket” and “cricket’s answer to the Colosseum” for its grandeur, international impact, and relevance. In addition, critics often refer to it as […]

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The Man Who Lost $200+ Million Fortune in Vegas

casino industry gambler

The casino industry is a big world. Many establishments have enticing gimmicks and intricate strategies to keep them relevant and inviting to new and upcoming players. However, casinos need not much trick to keep their whales. Whales have a very different and distinguished meaning in the casino world. It is the name branded ton high rollers—those who wage so much that most traditional casinos make majority of their profits from them. These high rollers are often comped by the casinos […]

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The 10 Best Songs about Gambling and Betting

The Top Ten Best Gambling Songs

Does it cross your mind what are the best gambling songs out there? If so, there are a few songs that can make you in the mood for gambling. We’ve come up with a list of songs that can stimulate your mood while playing your favorite game. Here, let’s have a look at what’s stored for us. Poker Face by Lady Gaga Poker Face is a song from Lady Gaga. A track that was released on the year 2008, which […]

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Five Great Sports-Themed Cafes in Kolkata

sports cafés in Kolkata

The world knows Kolkata for its massive sports following. With India’s largest and the world’s second largest cricket stadium—Eden Gardens, and India’s largest football stadium—Salt Lake Stadium, it’s no wonder the fame transcends from the sports to restaurants and cafés in the area. Let’s look at five of the best sports cafés in Kolkata. 5. BJ’s Sports Restaurant & Lounge One of the newest sports-themed cafés in Kolkata BJ’s Sports Restaurant & Lounge is the perfect hangout place specially for […]

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6 Best Gambling Scenes From The Movies Of James Bond

James Bond Movies

James Bond is definitely a risk-taker based on his action-packed fight scenes in the movies to being a gambler at casinos. We can say he is a true-blooded spy, a hero that outwitting his enemies in every scene he portrays. Definitely, he will take you from the Bond moments where he gambled and played casino games. In which, it will give you an intense, glamour, tautness of casino scenes that will take you to a suspense experience. Here we’ve collected […]

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Judy Bayley—the First Lady of Gambling

best live casino

Before the era of online gambling and before the best live casino games are readily available, one woman has made the ranks among the best and conquered the gambling world. Let’s look at the life of Judy Bayley. Who is Judy Bayley? Born Judith Florence Balk in 1915 to Fred and Ada Belk, Judith has shown a flair for entertaining at an early age. She would entertain people with her natural talent for dancing and stage performance. Using her talents, […]

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7 Awesome Things to Do in Land-Based Casinos

7 Awesome Things to Do in Land-Based Casinos

Most of us think casinos are for gambling only. Well, land-based casinos are actually filled with various forms of entertainment. Casinos have been transformed over the years into what it is now; from gambling dens to becoming the home of entertainment source. This proves that casinos have evolved excellently. Here is the list of seven awesome things to do in land-based casinos that you can try to experience. Indulge in a Delicious Meal For anyone who likes and enjoys eating, you will appreciate the casino’s fine […]

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