Is online lottery legal in India? Everything you need to know

is online lottery legal in india

In India, one of the most well-known and participated games is the lottery. Indians have embraced this game completely ever since it has been available in the nation. From being available in local communities, which out to be authorized by Indian states, was once the most popular method of accessing legal lotteries. Additionally, with the emergence of the digital era online lotteries have entered scene in India. Giving many access to their beloved lottery games in a more convenient way. […]

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From Rags to Riches: Meet India’s Biggest Lottery Winners!

biggest lottery winner in india

India has produced the biggest lottery winners over the years. Apart from winning a significant sum of money in a lottery, these winners have inspiring stories to tell for us. One best ways of getting to know them is by learning about their past lives and how they came to be winners. In, this post, we aim to highlight them here as the biggest lottery winners in India. Let us all discover how their great luck meets winning in a […]

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Is your Online Casino App Safe?

online casino app

With a surge in online gaming users, the introduction of gaming apps has become common place among Indians. Unfortunately, this brings a growing concerns about the security of an online casino app. Most importantly, player’s data safety, financial protection, and overall privacy while using these platforms. Amid such concerns, many online casinos that are available in India offer great gaming products and services. The key is to choose the safest online casino app. In the following sections, we will emphasize […]

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Andar Bahar vs Other Casino Games

andar bahar vs casino games

Today, players have an abundance of casino games to choose from. As the online gaming industry continues to progress, improve and innovate. We are no longer confined to a few games. Among the many options that we have is Andar Bahar, which is an outstanding Indian game. It is a popular game among casino players that never stops giving an incredible gaming experience and prizes. Furthermore, Andar Bahar is truly expanding and reaching new heights for every player from all […]

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Beginner’s Handbook to Casino Cash Games Online

casino cash games online

Since technology and the internet emerged, online gaming has grown significantly, giving its games exposure and fame today. As a result, there have been many casino cash games online that received popularity across the world. Aside from the recognition these games receive from the world, their winning prizes are one great deal that makes it gratifying. Having to win great rewards is one force to makes us play even more. In this blog post, we are giving six pointers to […]

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Top 5 Great Attributes of Playing at JeetWin Live Casino

Live Casino

The current world of gambling is much more than what it started off as. With virtual reality, live streaming and so much more to get into, the game is on – it is more exciting and adrenaline-rushing than ever before. The live casino dealer games are the new internet sensation and trend. With multiple benefits over land-based casinos, almost all casinos are now introducing live dealer games simply because this niche is a massive hot-selling cake. Here are some of […]

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The Live Dealer Games That Perfect for High Roller Players

High Roller Live Dealer Games

A wonderful time at the live casino is in store for you if you’re a high roller. Some unique games are only available to individuals who are willing to place large bets. For players who want to take major risks when playing. And who also want to receive real VIP service, these private tables are ideal. You may play them but their capacity for thrill will amaze those looking for a burst of adrenaline. We will go over all you […]

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Inside Bets in Roulette – When to Place These Bets?

Roulette Inside Bets

Placing Inside Bets in the game of Roulette is one of the major ways that most players use to increase their earnings from the game. Roulette being one of the major entertaining online casino games, is a high favorite among the players. It is an easy game to play and has a huge client base for playing. Over the years the game has had multiple variations and it has evolved fundamentally. The roulette inside bets is one of the most […]

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The Best Numbers to Bet on the Game of Roulette

Roulette Best Numbers

Roulette is one of the classic casino games that is a favorite of many players. The game has been predominantly one of the hotcakes of the online casino world. The term “Roulette” means small wheel and since it is a French word. The origin of the game is speculated to be France. To date, Roulette retains an unequivocal status. With the advent of better tech and high-end gaming technology, roulette can now be played through online casinos right from the […]

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Why You Should Play the Live Dealer Games of JeetWin?

Live Dealer Games

Casino games are so much more than just playing some random games and winning money. Casinos are a hub of fun, entertainment, and interaction. Online casinos have evolved phenomenally since their inception in terms of the appeal, graphics, mode of the game, and everything else. Online casinos are a great way to enjoy fun games from the premises of your home and win money without having to visit the physical casinos.  However, over the years, one of the major drawbacks […]

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