Who scored the fastest century in T20 International cricket?

Who scored fastest century in t20 international cricket?

Cricket has its scoring process and one of the most widely used terms is century, which carries a significant role and functionality once the cricket game begins to unfold. Learning this cricket term should be addressed as it is essential for everyone, whether you are a silent viewer of this sport or a loyal fan of cricket. No matter your reason for following the cricket sport. Understanding its scoring is a must thing to know, and the century is one of […]

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Are there “No Wides” in Test Cricket?

Test cricket unassumingly can deliver an action-packed scene in the field. Defining the elements of the longest format of a cricket game. But amidst the grip on the boundaries and the sudden lost wickets, lies a magnificent aspect in the game known as wides in test cricket. While seemingly a new term in our eyes and ears, the wide in test cricket holds exciting roles and complexities, impacting the game flow in a cricket match – testing the skills of […]

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Highest powerplay scores in T20 International Cricket

In the thrilling world of T20 cricket, every ball counts. But from its fast-paced format comes a crucial period called Powerplay in cricket. This specific period was designed to stir the early stages of an innings and set the tone for the entire match in cricket games. The powerplay is a designated period of specific overs at the beginning of each inning in a T20 game. Above all, it creates a strategic battle between the batting and bowling sides. To […]

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Setting the Pace: Most Runs in T20 Cricket and Record-Breaking Feats

Top T20 Cricket Records: Most Runs & High Score

Twenty20 Cricket or T20 is the fastest and most action-dynamic format of a cricket competition. Imagine that a cricket tournament will only last for two and a half hours, with each team batting for just 20 overs in the game. Truly, it concentrates on achieving swift cricket performances while maintaining value. Despite the game’s quick pace, T20 places a high value on setting records. These records serve as a reminder to everyone about the accomplishments gained in playing cricket. If […]

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How to understand odds in sports betting?

Betting on sports would be incomplete with a betting board composed of numbers. Perhaps, if you are a beginner, you would ask what these numbers mean to us. That perspective is common among those who are new to the realm of online sports betting, and that is okay. Understanding these numbers is the main ingredient to placing informed sports bets on the betting platforms, and they are called odds in sports betting. In this post, we are here to be […]

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Everything you need to know about T20 World Cup Cricket

T20 World Cup Cricket: Explosive Action, Thrilling Encounters

The cricketing world would not be as exciting without its tournaments. One of the most exciting cricket tournament formats is the T20 World Cup, which takes place on the international stage and pits the top teams against each other in a gripping war for T20 dominance. The T20 World Cup Cricket is one of the world’s premier T20 cricket events, featuring the shortest format in a cricket tournament. In 2016, the T20 World Cup witnessed underdog victories, the West Indies, […]

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What is Expected Value, Closing Line and Variance in Sports Betting?

Unlock Sports Betting Success: Expected Value, Closing Line, Variance

There are different types of cricket formats available worldwide today. Most sports bettors relied their bets based on what they perceive – whether a potential outcome will happen or not in a sports game. It may do for temporary success, how the true winning on sports betting lies in utilizing the concept of expected value, variance, and closing line. This trinity has built-in advantages once applied, the expected value helps us to identify profitable bets, the closing line is the […]

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10 Zero-Risk Betting Strategies

Unlock betting success: 10 Zero risk betting strategies

The joy of victory and the pain of defeat describe the world of sports betting. The potential to win big is undeniably appealing in this kind of activity, but the ever-present risk of losing your sports wagers can be a major drawback. The question is, what if there is a way to experience sports betting without putting your money on the line of losing? While a true “zero risk” scene may seem like imagination, there are strategies you can employ […]

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Understanding fielding restrictions in Test Cricket

fielding restrictions in test cricket

Test cricket is known for being the oldest format of cricket sport. Above all, it has been used to test a team’s cricketing aptitude and general competency in playing cricket. With such good use, there are also some restrictions imposed on every format of a cricket match. One of them is known as fielding restrictions in test cricket. It not only acts as a limitation but rather as a means for better strategic playing and imposing a courageous game impact. […]

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How to calculate the follow-on in test cricket?

how to calculate the follow-on in test cricket

Test cricket is one of the greatest tests of a team’s cricketing abilities. It displays a strategic battle between cricket teams and pulls off a great performance in playing cricket. But, despite the great matches it delivers, is the underlying rules that play a role in it. Those rules can have a significant impact on the cricket game. One of the test cricket rules that needs proper understanding is follow-on in test cricket. This powerful rule comes with risks and […]

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