A Lottery Miracle – How a Kentucky Man Won A $2Million Powerball Prize?

A Lottery Miracle – How a Kentucky Man Won A $2Million Powerball Prize?

Have you ever heard of anyone winning a lottery using numbers from a movie? Well, now you’re about to.

Probably one of the weirdest incidents in power all history took place in Kentucky on 26th December 2020. When a man from Caldwell County, Kentucky bought a lottery ticket from Max Fuel Express in Princeton. He won the prize in a Powerball game.

For the uninitiated, Powerball is an American lottery game and 45 states offer it. The Multi-State Lottery Association(MUSL) coordinates it, and it is a little different than normal lottery games. The lowest bet in Powerball is $2, which is the price of the ticket. After you have purchased the ticket, you have to choose 5 white balls with numbers ranging from 69 and one red power ball from 26. The white balls have to be in ascending order and the red one can be any number. It can also match with one of the white balls.

Two machines are used to draw the balls. The first one consisting of the white balls and the other one red balls. Five white balls and one red ball is drawn. If the numbers chosen by the players match the balls, they win a prize. The minimum requirement for winning a prize is to at least get three white balls to match in ascending order or matching the one red ball. If someone manages to match all five white balls and the red powerball, they win the jackpot, which is the hardest to do.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, told the reporters that he has used the same combination of numbers he has been using for years: 10-24-27-35-53. With this combination, he won the second prize. It was worth $2million ($1.4 million after taxes). And he got this combination from a movie.

That’s right. He told the reporters that he has been using these numbers whenever he bought a ticket since he watched a movie where the main character won a prize using these exact numbers. Even though he said that his win was based on pure luck, we can’t help but be amazed at the fact that this really happened. The chances of this happening are so low, that alone makes this a wonder.

Even though the man shocked everyone and won this huge sum of money, it was not the jackpot prize. He got the first five numbers right, which helped him win the second prize. But he missed the last number of the jackpot(18). Had he made the jackpot, he would’ve won a whopping $341 million. Yes, you read it right. That huge amount of money is the jackpot prize of the Kentucky Lottery. He missed it by a hair’s width but that doesn’t really matter because he is truly happy with his winnings.

According to sources, this man had retired from his job three years ago. But due to some financial issues, he had to return to his job. After winning this huge amount of money, however, he plans to retire again. The man told the reporters that he is really excited to spend time with his family and live a comfortable life with the money he won. This money will enable him to finally take the retirement he was waiting for and live with his family instead of working every day. He is truly grateful and claims that this was all luck that enabled him to finally win the prize with the same number he’s been using for years.

It was not all luck, however. The second prize for this Powerball is $1million. So how did he win the $2million prize you ask? Well, it’s because he purchased the power play while purchasing the ticket. This enabled him to double his prize money when he won it. The power play was one extra dollar and it helped him win an extra million with his one million dollar prize. Lady luck sure seems to shine upon this man.

This miraculous incident has ignited hope in the hearts of a lot of Powerball players. This astonishing event shocked a lot of people because things like this only happen in movies. Well, kudos to him.

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