Dominic LoRiggio–The World’s Best Craps Player

Dominic LoRiggio

Perhaps it’s hard to be a renowned individual. Especially if considered being one of all time’s biggest gamblers. Like Dominic LoRiggio, because of his accomplishment in-game craps, it prohibited him from playing at many casinos. Despite the reality that at no casinos he has cheated. Therefore, many people cannot deny his triumph and success. Today, let’s look at what he’s done to get his title.

Dominic LoRiggio Brief Profile

Dominic LoRiggio is The Man with the Golden Arm or The Dice Dominator. LoRiggio was raised in the United States where he studied and worked as office clerks in the office. But he altered his profession and life, paving the way to win at craps. His gambling career started as a card counter in the late 1980s. He then afterward focuses on perfecting to beat the casino game known as craps.

LoRiggio Way of Perfecting to beat the Craps

In the 90s, LoRiggio began to practice controlled shooting. His particular way of shooting craps always let him win. He has been studying and perfecting his method for several years. Therefore, he became a crap-specialized gambler. Thus, LoRiggio has a unique technique and his dice control methods have made him win in many casinos.

This casino gambler has learned the art of dice game to perfection. He’s become so popular in the gambling industry because he earned lots of cash from Las Vegas and Mississippi casinos. Make his name on the casino broke list. Up to the present, he has broken no casino rule. He’s playing honestly. This brilliant player is no doubt that all expectations have exceeded by the consequence of his training and perseverance.

Gambling Journey of LoRiggio towards Success

LoRiggio becomes part of a team called Rosebud. But before hitting Las Vegas, they practiced their controlled shooting techniques. They struck the Vegas with their skills, while LoRiggio made a name for himself. He became one player that broke the banks of the casino. However, many have believed it would be impossible to manipulate dice for the roll results. But for LoRiggio is different and distinct from the others because his methods led him won from a decent stake. From then on, he left the group in Las Vegas afterward. He felt that the group was traditional and couldn’t make any severe cash. Since then he was training himself on dice rolling and continues to perfect his craft.

Therefore, his tactics, hand tilt, roll force, and other constraints enhanced. Then he researched and studied more the dropped-out combination. Therefore, he gradually found out how to throw dice to accomplish the required outcome. He created a controlled shooting combination technique. Afterward, he met Frank Scoblete on the Last Vegas craps tables. Frank was also a gambler and an author. LoRiggio taught the methods to Frank. The pair had played casinos together. Both of them controlled the shooting later to win thousands of bucks from various casinos.

Present Time

Today, he became the most feared gamblers at craps tables around the globe because of his unique method. Therefore, he prohibited to enter casinos. Now, LoRiggio is now making cash today by teaching other people by his techniques and methods. He teaches in the Golden Arm Touch seminars with Scoblete. And, he had written and co-authored some books including the Golden Touch Dice Control Revolution! – Craps Win Using a Controlled Throw. Plus, LoRiggio has built its own Golden Touch Craps company.

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