Five Great Sports-Themed Cafes in Kolkata

sports cafés in Kolkata

The world knows Kolkata for its massive sports following. With India’s largest and the world’s second largest cricket stadium—Eden Gardens, and India’s largest football stadium—Salt Lake Stadium, it’s no wonder the fame transcends from the sports to restaurants and cafés in the area. Let’s look at five of the best sports cafés in Kolkata.

5. BJ’s Sports Restaurant & Lounge

One of the newest sports-themed cafés in Kolkata BJ’s Sports Restaurant & Lounge is the perfect hangout place specially for young adults. Located in Ballygunge and equipped with modern lounges, this café boasts the greatest number of sports covered by cafes of its kind. Along with multi-level lounges, the café has sports equipment just randomly lying around which its patrons may use. They include bats, basketballs, balls, and boxing gloves. In addition, sports display such as cricket posters, famous boxers’ portraits, and picture of footballers and famous sports personalities fill the establishment from the lobby, to the rooms, and even in private areas. What made this café more unique is the addition of trophies which the customers may use for photo opportunities.

4. Caught & Bowled

One of the most famous cafés in the area, Caught & Bowled may be found just in the midst of the metro in Kalibari Road. As a family restaurant, this café has meals that caters from young people to regular customers. However, its sports section is what this establishment is known for. The building is filled with cricket-related things including posters, bats, and game scores among others. Customers report being hyped with the grooving and foot-tapping music in the sports area. Recent celebrity visits have soared the place’s prices as demand for seats are at an all-time high.

3. The Dugout

Among our list, The Dugout is the most frequented by young adults, specially college students which is rather unusual for a sports bar in Kolkata. However, this café brings a certain charm that attracts college students and it’s understandable. After all, the venue is near famous universities in Kolkata and security is strict for drinkers. In addition, ambience play a huge role in its massive youngsters following. Oval sofas covered with red leather and round glass tables fill the rooms. Not downplaying the great food choices which keeps its patrons hooked. With these offerings, this place is almost always booked and customers need advance booking to get the chance to dine and bet on their favorite sports.

2. Hit Wicket

Not far from The Dugout and its true sports café rival, Hit Wicket is located in Park Circus, Ballyunge. True to its name, this café is an all-cricket-themed bar. With its green-covered floor, you will feel you have stepped in the most prestigious cricket matches in the world. Though not as big as the other cafés on this list, Hit Wicket shows live sports with huge TVs and projector screens which may be seen from any angle inside so whether you’re near or far the screens, you may be able to watch your favorite sport just as fine. What made this bar unique is its food offerings with international cuisines including Chinese, Italian, and even Lebanese food.

1. Offside Sports Café

At the top of our list is none other than the Offside Sports Café. This is the place where fans go all out. Opposing team jerseys fill occupy the sports bar, especially with current rivals and whoever teams are playing live. Patrons feel they are inside the stadiums themselves as the café is almost an extension of India’s massive arenas with its ambience, huge live screens, and its dedicated patrons.

Inside, you will see a wall of fame with portraits and profiles of some of the most famous sports legends not only in India, but in the whole world. The café also boasts activities other than sports betting including mini-rock climbing courses, mini-football goal post, and cricket batters. What’s more enticing are its food which are served on bat-shaped platters.

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