Gambling Addiction: Symptoms, Prevention, & Treatments

Gambling addiction

Gambling addiction can occur to anybody. Gambling began to be pleasurable and exciting, leading to an unhealthful habit. Therefore, gambling problems arise and cause a burden on your important relationships, interfere with work, and lead to financial catastrophe. The worse case is that you might also take criminal action, including taking money from someone.

What is a gambling disorder?

Gambling disorder is also referred to as gambling addiction, pathological gambling, compulsive gambling. It involves repetitive problematic gambling behavior that causes serious problems. If you can’t suppress the temptation to gamble, you ‘re going to face negative consequences for your life. You’ll therefore bet whatever state of emotion you ‘re up to, you won’t be in the best position to play.

In fact, gambling disorder may have negative consequences, but there are plenty of solutions to heal this problem. In this guide, you will find information to help you understand gambling addiction.

10 Gambling Addiction Symptoms

Symptoms of addiction may appear to be a gambling disorder. These are some common signs and symptoms of gambling addiction.

  1. Hiding gambling activities – The person who has this disorder is going to be gambling in secret or lying about how much he or she is gambling.
  2. Difficulty controlling gambling urges – A person can’t walk away easily once they start gambling. It forces a person to bet until the last cent of his or her money.
  3. Gamble without a penny – A person is going to be gambling until the last money in his or her bank account. Instead, later on, he found that there wasn’t enough money to gamble to pay for the expenses. The person who has this disorder will be forced to borrow money, sell or even steal gambling money.
  4. Feeling restless when a try to cut down on gambling–The person becomes irritable or short-tempered when trying to cut down his/her gambling addiction.
  5. Gambling as an escape from problems – This can be used as an excuse for feeling helplessness, guilt, anxiety or depression.
  6. Ask others to bail you out of the financial problems – this is an extreme case that can happen to a person who is addicted to gambling because of the money they ‘re gambling away.
  7. Losing important relationships – It can be a job, school or work opportunities because of gambling addiction.
  8. The urge to gamble – a person can’t stop gambling, therefore increasing the stake to get the same thrill and excitement.
  9. Being preoccupied with gambling – The thought and constantly planning on how to get more money in doing gambling.
  10. Trying to get back the lost money – Chasing more money that tends to gamble more, which tends to gain loses in return.

Gamblers with compulsive gambling problems keep playing to get their money back – a habit that is becoming increasingly destructive over time.


Although there is no proven way to avoid gambling addiction. It suggested that a person with a gambling disorder might start avoiding gambling to places or browsing online casinos.


Treating gambling is not easy. Therefore, a difficult task to do. Seek Professional Treatment is the best way to solve gambling problems. Treatments are varied to every patient. Now, let ‘s talk about several ways to treat this disorder.

  1. Psychotherapy – is a treatment for mental health disorders by talking with a psychiatrist, physiologist, or mental health provider. It could be also (CBT) Cognitive Behavioral therapy, this treatment uses systematic exposure to a particular behavior such as forgetting gambling. It diminishes your urge to gamble in casinos.
  2. Self-help groups – Participating in a variety of support groups will help you stop your gambling desire. Talking to those who have the same issues with gambling may be a beneficial part of the recovery. Ask your health care professional for self-help groups so that you know which group you will be participating in.
  3. Medications – Seeking mental treatment may sometimes recommend certain medications such as mood stabilizers or antidepressants which are helpful in treating gambling-related problems.

Final Words

This is a serious mental health disorder that cannot be taken for granted. Let’s share this awareness to inform others and be more sensitive about this mental matter.

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