Gambling Superstitions You Need to Follow

Gambling Superstitions You Need to Follow

Gambling superstitions has been around as old as gambling itself. The beliefs even transcend from traditional gambling to online casinos. Historical records show that ancient gambling practices follow heavily on superstitious beliefs and have survived to this day.

There is nothing wrong in a personal belief in supernatural forces such as fate or other unpredictable factors and experiences in deciding what to do with one’s actions, including gambling decisions. A lot of people engage in practice as it provides a sense of control and decreases anxiety. That is, superstitious beliefs connect assumptions between occurring and even non-related events, e.g., the view that charms enhance good luck or prevent bad luck.

Today, we look at some of the most famous superstitious beliefs around the gambling world.

Lucky Charms

The simplest form of superstition related to a lot of things more than gambling, amulets or lucky charms have been around for thousands of years with evidence of them appearing in Ancient Rome, China, and Japan. They have been used by ancient religious sects such as Jews, Muslims, and Christians. Common lucky charms for gambling include a horseshoe, a rabbit’s foot, and a four-leaf clover. These are thought to bring good luck to its bearer.

The Color Red

This superstition originated from China and stems from the notion that red is a lucky gambling color. Thus, anything in red color should be worn whenever a person is gambling. Specifically, they believe that the color red brings prosperity, which in turn attracts more luck. Gamblers who follow this belief wears red clothing, brings red bags, and even wears red underwear. Many casinos in Macau even have red rooms for the same reason.

Leave the Table and Return

Many people believe that one must leave the gambling table or look away when the result is coming up. It includes leaving the table after placing the bet and returning a little later when the game is ongoing. This has even evolved when playing in online casinos, as believers often look away from their computers or stand up when results are coming up, just for good measure.

Not Crossing Fingers

While crossing fingers often relates in helping to grant wishes, the meaning is entirely the opposite in the gambling world. It is believed that crossing fingers and even crossing legs while gambling cancels out any good luck against the player doing the gesture. Its origins are unknown but is widely followed. No one will see anyone crossing fingers or crossing legs in a land-based casino. Now that’s some gambling courtesy.

Not Counting Money

Another belief that may be contrary to otherwise normal notions in everyday life is counting money. In gambling, it is seen as bad luck when players count money right at the table. While gaining a lot of money is the ultimate goal, it is advised not to count winnings on the table. Others see it as pure bad luck, while many see it as rude and unprofessional. When playing in online casinos however, this is not a problem as winnings and credits are almost always digital.

No to $50 (No Problem for Online Casinos)

Last on our list, but one of the most famous beliefs is the concept that $50 bill is a big no. People see it as bad luck and thus in-existent in all American casinos. Houses accept all kinds of bills, cards, and payouts unless it is in $50 bills, as it is considered unlucky. Fortunately for online casino players, this isn’t a problem as payouts are always digital and a $50 or its equivalent means nothing superstitious.

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