Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo: The Roulette Wizard

Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo: The Roulette Wizard

Unlocking the secrets of the famous casino game roulette is no easy feat. Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo, against all odds, with extreme disapproval from casinos, and with self-made luck, did just that. Truly, a cut to the lore of people which stories of roulette expertise have become myths without real verification, Pelayo’s story is modern and well-documented.

Who is Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo?

Pelayo was born on 25 June 1947 in Madrid, Spain. At 20, he started as an entrepreneur in a disco in Seville, Dom Gallo, where he programmed various music. Since then, his list of endeavors includes music producer, radio host, film director, television host, bullfighter agent, and casino player.

As a musician, Pelayo is known as one of the founders of the Andalusian rock movement—a blend of flamenco music and Andalusian folk music. Afterwards, he has also produced albums for artists such as Smash, Triana, Alameda, and Maria Jimenez, among others.

With his accomplishments, Pelayo seem to be set for life. However, it is his mastery in the casino game roulette that made him even more famous.

Casual Mathematician

Pelayo first turned to casino as an innocent gambler who wished to escape from the realities of life. Soon he finds that casino gambling is profitable while entertaining at least. However, being a decent mathematician makes sets him apart from other players. For example, he noticed that certain numbers were showing more frequently than others on the roulette wheel. In addition, he figured he could predict the outcome of the spin if he knew which numbers they were.

The Garcia-Pelayo System

Not long after he started his enthusiasm for Roulette, he devised a plan to figure out what numbers will show in the game. To do this, he needs a huge amount of data on multiple roulette wheels and a system of analyzing those data. Next, he then recruited family members to pose as clock spins to gather data on various roulette spins. Hours and hours, they would collect data from casinos all over Madrid.

Ultimately, Pelayo developed a computer language that can analyze the roulette data that his family has collected. Granted that, he has created a profile for each roulette wheel, with a list of a number that would likely occur per game.

Cashing on Roulette Money

The system proved fruitful as Pelayo and his family were winning over $700,000 in less than a year. Still, many casinos banned them from playing and others even went as far as suing them. Fortunately, the Supreme Court ruled in Pelayo’s favor stating that studying the wheel and using a computer system to analyze the outcome is not illegal. On the contrary, they praise the ingenuity of the system and scolded the casinos for charging them based on their own imperfections.


Now, Garcia-Pelayo is known as the master of roulette and has inspired a lot of casino enthusiasts to perform better in the game. In 2003, he published The Fabulous Story of The Pelayos—a detailed narrative on how their family triumphed against roulette tables. The family also served as the inspiration for the History Channel documentary entitled Breaking Vegas: The Roulette Assault.

Modern casinos after the publicity of the Pelayos have since tried to fix their roulette mistakes by keeping imperfections from appearing and updating their camera systems.


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