Seven Types of Online Casino Players

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Online casinos have changed the gambling industry since it first became available to the public to the giant of a phenomenon it is today. A lot of things are made different from traditional casinos as is necessary to keep up with the advancement of technology. However, there are some factors that remain unchanged. One of these are the casino players. A casino player is one who frequent casinos whether traditional ones or online sites. Players keep casinos alive whether online or brick and mortar. In the recent years however, one may pinpoint a true distinction between the two as more and more online players start their casino journey on the platform and not the other way around. Today, we look at seven types of online casino players.

1. The Noob

As the famous quote goes “every expert was once beginner”, every casino player starts as newbies. The online gambling industry rakes in billions of dollars every year and new players are just beginning every day. This means that technically, there are always new players every single day. These hopefuls may not know much about gambling and may bet their first wages away. They are the ones who always ask some silly questions on the chat but don’t be fooled. As gambling has had and always has the “luck” factor, sometimes these newbies win the biggest on their first weeks!

2. The Veteran

If there’s a noob, of course there’s a veteran. At traditional casinos, they appear to be a bit cocky but have a sharp sense of humor. At online casinos, they are the ones who have been around, playing quietly and waiting for their win. To them, this isn’t just a game but a strategic play full of mysteries waiting to be solved. Too bad you can’t talk to them at online casinos as they are some of the most helpful tip givers at traditional casinos.

3. The Black Cat

Ah the dreaded type of casino player. In the gambling world, black cat equates bad luck or no luck. A person who is almost cursed with high bets but wins little to nothing. It is an absolute tragic to be labelled as one. However, this type is one of the most stoic and just keeps on getting right back up. As some old people say, we make our own luck. Now that is the spirit!

4. The Cheap Thrill

These are the ones who always bet the minimum bet possible. This is fun for them, playing as much as they want to without bankrupting their own accounts. They don’t believe in the saying “the greater the risk, the higher the reward” and we are not complaining. If that’s what the play you want, as long as it is not hurtful to others, then you are accepted.

5. The Ghost Player

Technically, a lot of online players are ghost players as you can’t see them physically. However, there was a time when mysterious men would bet millions of dollars using aliases and even proxy bettors to place their bets for them. And they win bigger than anybody else. Could they know what we do not? Are they better than the veterans? We can only wonder. What we know is that they exist and make the casinos more exciting, specially when the casinos announce a colossus of a win and every other player does not recognize the winner who outdid them.

6. The Drama Queen/King

This player is usually chill, may bet small or large, and plays relatively well. However, the atmosphere changes when they lose as all hell breaks loose. At online casinos, they complain from the pettiest things to the most obscure ones. You will know the drama kings and queens not only on their inquiries but on the manner they make them. THEY WILL TYPE LIKE THIS. Yes, they think that typing in bold and capital letters will make their claim more valid than they are. But we aren’t mad, sometimes they do add a bit of spice to the casino’s life.

7. The Chill Pill

Most casinos love this player. These players know the games, plays like true professionals, and understand their limits. They are relaxed, friendly, and just out there to have some fun. These are the players who take time to understand the mechanics of the games and would go on to becoming veterans themselves. As with all kinds of players, they sometimes win and sometimes lose but that don’t deter them from playing again or from being nice. To them, there is always a silver lining and they know that if it’s meant to be, it will be.

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