6 Best Gambling Scenes From The Movies Of James Bond

James Bond Movies

James Bond is definitely a risk-taker based on his action-packed fight scenes in the movies to being a gambler at casinos. We can say he is a true-blooded spy, a hero that outwitting his enemies in every scene he portrays. Definitely, he will take you from the Bond moments where he gambled and played casino games. In which, it will give you an intense, glamour, tautness of casino scenes that will take you to a suspense experience. Here we’ve collected the most iconic moments in James Bond movies for you to know.

Casino Royale – 2006

A spy film that will take you to a casino world. Where Bond’s mission as an agent 007 is to bankrupt the terrorist financier Le Chiffre in a high-stakes poker game. The casino scenes started from a lead where the secret service intelligence reveals that Le Chiffre is planning to raise money in a high-stakes poker game in Montenegro at Le Casino Royale. The MI6 assigns Bond to play against him; concluding that if the enemy loses in the game, the whole terrorist organizations will be demolished. This casino movie shows Bond’s great skills in the most popular form of Poker, Texas Hold’em; which portrays an important part of the entire Bond film. Therefore, the casino scenes in this movie shouldn’t be missed out especially how Bond took over and won the game.

SkyFall – 2012

The 2012 James Bond hit film features scenes of the Golden Dragon Casino in Macau. In which all the action begins when Bond follows a lead from Patrice, the mercenary, that led Bond to China after killing him in Shanghai. James Bond detected a casino chip in Patrice’s case, the payment for the murder that Patrice had committed in Shanghai. The insight had led Bond to go to the casino in Macau to cash the chip, hoping to across Severine’s boss. Afterward, all the electrifying scenes had been followed. The movie then on had established shots over Macau and its casinos, making it more real with a casino vibe in every scenario.  

Goldeneye – 1995

This movie is a restoration of the James Bond series after a long rest from the eye of the movie watchers. Goldeneye definitely should not miss out because of its famous casino scenes that will take us to the world of gambling again. The movie will never be failed to impress with its gambling scenes that took place in the Casino de Monte-Carlo in Monaco. The casino scenes shows that Bond must beat the Russian agent at a game of baccarat. The said scenes of the movie are the main highlights which were filled with tension and suspense. That only means that nothing goes wrong with casino shots of this movie, as it will take you to a grandeur thrilling gambling.

Diamonds Are Forever – 1971

A 1971 James Bond spy film where a diamond smuggling investigation leads Bond to Las Vegas where he unlocks an evil plot headed by his nemesis Blofeld. James Bond casino shots held at the Whyte House casino in Las Vegas; where he plays craps and takes part with some high stake during the game scenes. Bond took a risk-taking scene where he raised his bet that shocked the dealer with the amount of money released. Besides, the production of the movie were shots at many Las Vegas hotels and casino locations that will bring you to the scenery of a real casino experience.  This movie is for sure one of a kind of Bond film since the actor played well in craps and makes the best out of it and the last of a scrap scene in a Bond movie.

Dr. No – 1962

The first-ever movie that reveals the James Bond regime; that will take you to risk missions, gorgeous women, dry martini and playing at a casino. The movie famous gambling scene was taken shots at a fictional casino in London; where Bond plays his signature casino game named Chemin de fer (Baccarat) on a card table. Dr. No, the movie, will bring us back to the time of 1962 the casino feels; a foretaste of old school gaming that you would definitely enjoy. This is a must-see movie for those who are old soul people; that is also a fan of the James Bond series.

Thunderball – 1965

The game Chemin de fer appeared once more in the James Bond movie, and this is for Thunderball.  The movie scenes here were captured altogether the casino tension and pressure of the high-stake game against the villain. Thus, taking you to suspense scenes as both opponents were placing bets and competing to get better of the other. This movie surely proves that you can win over the villain; without throwing a physical encounter through the help of a casino game. Therefore, the Thunderball is another hit film that will blow you away with its incredible casino scenes.

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