5 Gambling Activities in Which You May Not Want to Participate

5 Gambling Activities in Which You May Not Want to Participate

Gambling is a fun way for some people to dabble in occasionally. And for some others, it’s their profession. But like any other activity out there, gambling has a few dos and don’ts that you should follow. Especially if you are planning to take gambling seriously. Some gambling activities play to the advantage of the player. If you know how to play these games well, your odds of winning are pretty good. But some activities have the worst odds. And thus, they should be avoided. Here are five gambling activities that you should not participate in. 

Unregulated Gambling

Unregulated gambling has some perks. But there are just too many dangers that go hand in hand with it. Since the rules are lax, people might end up making a lot of money. But there is also a great chance for you to be cheated. If you are being cheated in these scenarios, the lack of rules also means that you can not take any actions against it. If you do end up participating in an unregulated gambling place, you should always keep your eyes and ears open and leave at the slightest misconduct. But it is best if you avoided it completely. It also applies to online gambling and you should always check if a gambling site is legit before granting them access to your money. 

Slot Machines

Even in a regulated environment, some gambling activities have the worst possible odds. Slot games are one of them. Even though they are one of the most popular games amongst rookies, they are not advantageous at all. Slot games are easy and fun to play, but their return rates are very low. Even the best slot games have a return percentage of 90-92%. In the worst cases, they’re lower than 80. It all depends on how they are programmed. And since casinos do not tell you the return percentages, it is best to avoid them. 


Some might argue that lotteries are not technically gambling. But they still have the worst rate of any gambling-related activity. Even though lottery tickets are very cheap, if you buy them often enough, you still spend a lot of money over longer periods. The chances of winning a lottery are so low that it’s almost funny. It is better to save up for some bankroll and learn some good gambling games. 


Keno is similar in nature to lotteries. Most people do not think that because of how different they look, but in practice, they are very similar. Usually, 20 numbers are drawn from 80 in every game. You bet your money on your chosen numbers. If you match enough numbers with the 20 selected ones, you win. The rules and numbers might differ sometimes, but the basic theory remains the same. Even though Keno has better return percentages than the lottery, it is still pretty poor and might cost you serious money. So it is best if you stayed away from Keno at casinos. 

Horse Races on Small Tracks

Horse races can be pretty profitable for gamblers. Larger tracks have some rules in place that prevent the races from being fixed. But the lack of rules and regulations at the smaller tracks means that there is a chance of the races being fixed. This can end up seriously hurting your bankroll. If you want to bet on horses, you should always go for reputed tracks that do not cheat the customers. 


These were some of the gambling activities that you should avoid. They offer the worst return percentages and the odds of you winning are little to none. Even if you do win, you never win a big amount with these. Lotteries are different but they have a one in a million chance and have the worst return rates. If you want to become a serious gambler, you need to learn how to manage your money. Learn games that offer great return rates and become pro at those. Games like Blackjack and Poker are the cream of the crop. They might be hard to learn but you can use these games to your advantage. 

Most serious gamblers go for games like these that give them some control over their money. If you want to become a successful gambler, you should set a proper bankroll and start taking it seriously. And avoid the listed games for better chances at winning.

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