5 Largest Gambling Wins in Las Vegas


Gambling has been a part of entertainment for people since ancient times. From different names in different places to an essential part of mythology, it has left a spectacular imprint on the world. As has the winning and losing and the consequences they carry for the players involved. Even in modern days, when gambling is a much talked about and even readily available aspect of entertainment the concept of hitting a jackpot still carries with it the awestruck amazement of people. And in the heart of the world’s gambling circle, it is a very tangible scenario. Yes, it is Las Vegas we are talking about. From rags to riches or vice versa, Las Vegas has borne witness to everything. 

However, there are some cases that not only shook the region to its core but also inspired numerous people to try and see for themselves what the fuss is all about. We are talking about the biggest gambling wins in the history of Las Vegas. To remember those absolutely phenomenal games and people, we are going to talk about the same today. Please go through the whole article to learn more.

Ashley Revell 

Although there are surely a lot of people who managed to wager and win more but not quite as many who put in quite as much dedication. Before his legendary game, this man sold every single possession he had in a couple of months.  From his house, car, and interior possessions to even his clothes, he sold everything he ever possessed.  After this strange but fascinating bout, he had about $135300 to call his own and literally nothing else. After that, he reached the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas where he put all of that on a red on the roulette table to see where his luck takes him. So, the wheel of fortune spun, landing the ball on a 7 red and earning him $270600.

Archie Karas

Back in the early to mid-’90s, Archie Karas could always be found hanging on the poker tables in Las Vegas. A man from Greece, with no money in his hands, Archie’s gambling might not have been as extravagant as others’ but he certainly had the record of the longest winning streak in Las Vegas. And that is saying something. From ’92-’95 he managed to turn a $10000 loan and his own $50 to a $40 million fortune. It is said that at one point he managed to win all $5000 chips of a renowned casino. Unfortunately, his luck eventually ran out in ’95 when he lost about $30 million in a streak of losses spanning just 3 weeks.

William Lee Bergstrom

A man of legends, Bergstrom, also referred to as the Suitcase man or the Phantom Gambler did have a career in the movies. He not only appeared and won millions like a phantom but also managed to lose to an extent that ended his career right on the spot. On the n 24th of September, ’80 he entered Binion’s Casino with two suitcases in his hands. One was empty while the other carried $777000 in cash. He wagered his luck on Craps, won, and left. After that, in ’84, he managed to get $538000 and $117000 until his luck ran out on a bet of $1000000 which marked the end of his career.

Hundreds to millions

Although this is unanimous, it is to this day one of the most fascinating wins in the history of Las Vegas. In ’03, an inconspicuous software engineer entered a measly $100 bet on a Megabucks slot. Now, the chance of hitting a Megabucks is about one in almost 50 million. This guy managed to make that happen which earned him $39.7 million. Talk about rags to riches.

Elmer Sherwin

As we mentioned before, the chance of hitting the jackpot on Megabucks is, well, frighteningly slim. This guy managed to hit that not only once but twice in his lifetime that too as a 92-year-old in his last bout. In ’89 he entered a $3 bet in The Mirage in Las Vegas and won $4.65 million. The second time, in ’05, managed to win $21.1 million at another casino. Fascinating career no doubt which he used to donate to charities throughout his lifetime.


As fascinating as the game is, it is important to remember to gambling responsibly. You need to take the game as it is, a game, and accept that winning and losing are parts of the game. As long as you follow these and manage your bankroll just right, you are set for a career that will keep you entertained for the rest of your life.

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