5 Psychological Tricks That a Gambler Can Use to Show Others They Have a Winning Hand

5 Psychological Tricks That a Gambler Can Use to Show Others They Have a Winning Hand

Whether it be in a live casino or online, a gambler is always playing to win. And even if one is losing, nobody wants to be deemed a loser. Gambling, especially games that you play with other players, depends a lot on psychology. There is always a lot going on. And not only do you have to keep track of what’s happening in the game, but also the players. You cannot let anyone intimidate you into losing your cool and composure. Because that’s what seasoned gamblers usually do.

Games like Poker do not only depend on luck or how skilled you are but also how good are you at psychological battles. This continues outside the games as well. Since nobody wants to be deemed a loser, they always find a way to downplay their losses. Here are 5 such ways you can make others believe that your bad hand is good.

Deliberately Leave out Details of Your Loss 

This is an effective strategy in a lot of games. Even if you have lost some money in previous games, do not share those details. Tell people only about your wins. Present the stories of your game in a way that people believe your luck and skills to be superior to what they actually were. This way, you can trick people into thinking you are a formidable force.


This is a strategy used in casinos by a gambler. If you catch them after a win, they will share with you the story with precise details. As if they remember exactly what went down from beginning to end. If you catch them after a loss, they will tell that it was so exciting that the details are blurry. This is deflection. Make people unaware of your losses and people will only focus on your wins. Nobody wins all the time but it is what you make people believe that matters.

Have a Strategy and Stick to It

It is important in any casino game to have a strategy. A game plan is important no matter what game you are playing. Plan the win or loss goals before and get out of there after you reach that goal. This makes you a smart gambler. If you end up playing all night because of the excitement of your few wins, you are going to end up bankrupt after a while. If you want to keep winning, be tactful with your money. That is the most important lesson in gambling.

Know When to Fold

Selective bluffing is one of the most important strategies in Poker. If you want to continue to play, you sometimes have to fold your hand if you are dealt a bad one. Usually, a gambler does not fold when they need to because they get bored when they fold and cannot play the rest of the round. But if you do not want to waste your money, do not bet on a hand that is going to lose. If you see other people continuing to bet bigger and you have a bad hand, fold. That is your best game plan.

Effective Bets

You do not always need to bet a lot to bluff. Sometimes it is enough if you just bet small amounts without folding. This will make sure you do not lose too much money in one round. You also have to remember not to bluff against newbies because that does not always work. Bluff works against people who have accumulated themselves with the game. Strategies won’t work on people that do not understand it. Raising your bets by smaller amounts will make sure you do not drain your bankroll in one go.


These are all the ways you can make people believe that you have a good hand. Gambling is a skill you hone by years of practice and incredible patience. A complete newbie can win against the most seasoned player in one game, that is the beauty of it. But being good at gambling does not mean you win one or two games. It is about being able to withstand every downfall and not being swept away by success. If you want to be good at gambling, you need to practice and practice more. That is the only way to master anything.

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