5 Things Even Pro Video Poker Players Fail To Take Into Account

5 Things Even Pro Video Poker Players Fail To Take Into Account

Recently, people are getting easy access to poker games all over the world – both online and offline. And for such a long fanbase for a highly competitive game, the industry, of course, has to evolve constantly. This is the reason why many new formats, features, and themes are being introduced regularly. Video poker is one of them. For people who love to take risks, this can be their favorite format for the game. However, this is not for everyone. Here is a list of things you need to consider before committing fully to the game.

Influence of pay tables

Pay tables are one of the things you should definitely consider when it comes to video poker. You need to know the type of pay tables available and the return you are getting from them. The difference in pay tables can decide your return rate even among the same type of video poker games. If you happen to choose a bad one, it can drain your balance before you can blink. Whereas, choosing a good one will get you a return that is close to 100%. The most favored combination is what the players call 9/6. It shows you a return of six and nine coins per flush and full house respectively. There are, of course, different combinations for each video poker game.

Unique strategy

Every game in video poker needs a unique strategy. Even after choosing a paytable and finding real cash poker games according to it, a good strategy will pave your path to winning it. Like with all forms of poker, if you do not plan a good strategy, you tend to lose more than you gain. To complicate things a bit, different video poker games need different strategies. Even between Better and 10s video poker games, they need unique strategies for each game. However, thankfully you can find a chart of strategies to help you along with it. These charts tend to list most of the popular game variants that there are.

Game speed factor

Another factor that decides how much you win or lose is the game speed factor. A pro player can play about 500 hands per hour while an average player can play about 300 hands. However, you lose more if you play more. For example, betting $1000 per hour, you tend to lose about $10 per hour. But, betting $500 per hour means you lose about $5. Playing on quarter machines with about five coins per hand, you wager $1.25 each hand. Now, playing 500 hands-on on an hourly basis, you bet about $625. However, playing 300 hands, you bet only about $375. So, as this is a solo game, playing fast might seem like a good idea, but fewer hands mean fewer losses.

How much should you bet on Video Poker?

After pay tables and strategies, the main question is how much should you bet. The correct answer for that is five coins. The reason is the overall return percentage goes down if you bet lower. A Better of Jacks game pays about 4000 coins on a royal flush for a five-coin bet. However, it only pays about 1000 coins for a four-coin bet even for the same hand. This extra bonus return helps you recover a lot of your prior losses, as a royal flush is not that common. This is why it does not depend on the base coin amount. If the paytable is the same, you will be able to play with the smallest coin value without hurting your gains.

Video poker: pros and cons

There is the main difference between regular poker and video poker. While it is certain that you are going to win long-term with regular poker with practice, it is quite impossible to do so with video poker. A lot of options available in regular poker might not be available in video poker games.

The reason why some people prefer video poker over regular games is that it is easier to learn than regular poker. If you can invest enough time to learn and practice regular poker, then that is the best option for you. However, if you can not afford to do that, you can educate yourself about pay tables, strategy charts, and the game speed and go for video poker games. 


With video poker, the rules get a bit easier and it saves a lot of time for players. So, if this is your game, then educate yourself about it and practice hard. This way, you will get fewer losses and maximize your gains in no time at all.

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