5 Things You Should Know When Betting On Simulations

5 Things You Should Know When Betting On Simulations

The simulations games section can be new to even veteran sports bettors. It has its own different dimensions and different betting logic. But considering how much they are growing, it might be worthwhile getting into it. Here is a primer with the major things you need to know if you are new to simulation betting or betting altogether. 

Simulate it yourself

If you are going for sports simulation games, then you can bet on a few that exist by the dozens. There is a surprisingly high number of such games that major sportsbooks feature. And these games vary a lot by genre or mechanics. The big example is, of course, Simulated Reality Leagues. The major difference from fantasy leagues is that these are not related to real-life events at all. That can be a good thing in some cases. Take another example: Dota 2 Bot TI. This does not usually show up on sportsbooks’ radar, but it is a very good example to illustrate the quirks of simulated sports betting

Dota 2 is essentially an online battle arena game played between human opponents. It is arguably more complex than many real-life sports because there are different heroes, player roles, and items that impact the game. But Bot TI is different from the actual Dota 2 pro league. 

Valve hosts it as a fun side-activity that players can bet on. It is a series of short tussles between AI-operated squads of the same hero that plays out across a best of three basis. The important thing to understand here is the ‘AI’ part. In some cases, you can test out the AI by yourself. Bot TI is a good example of that since it uses the default bot AI in the base game. So you can actually play out a simulation on your own to somewhat predict the outcome. 

Explore your options

It is true that the biggest betting sites, like Betway and 22Bet, will have their dedicated simulation games section. But you must understand one key point about all simulation betting: the actual game does not make plays. Simply put, that means the betting platforms themselves run the simulations. Additionally, that also means you should check out as many betting sites as you can. Even the ones you do not frequent. For example, betting sites who specialize in NFL betting like Bovada also run Madden and NBA 2k simulations. Line browsing opens up new and better avenues, just like usual sports betting. 

Understand the simulation-specific ins and outs

Basically, you need to revisit the big difference between fantasy league and simulation: real-world events have no impact on simulations. And in some cases, even real-world sports logic does not go hand in hand with simulation logic in the same sport. A big example is NBA 2K, which places an uncanny value on big men and raw player strength – more than one would expect. Or, again, Bot TI is a good example. Real-world game meta in most MOBAs shift radically over the span of a year. The way bots approach the win conditions, though, are not the same. Researching before sports betting is simply doing your due diligence. And this rings true in the case of simulations as well.

There is a component of randomization

As we have mentioned, simulations are largely in-house affairs. You cannot blame sportsbooks for real-life games if you lose money. But people tend to blame the casino and their alleged underhanded methods to skew the game advantage in games like blackjack; simulation games also draw similar flak. Truth be told, it is possible to rig a computerized simulation, But to counter this (and to simulate real-world randomness), simulation games also have some level of RNG added to it. This makes the games both more exciting and more difficult to rig.

Ultimately, you should also remember to have fun. As strange as it sounds, some simulation games can be oddly more fun than real-life counterparts. Plus, you will come to appreciate the lack of unnecessary nail-biting during long commercial breaks. This, coupled with the fast-paced nature and general predictability and quirks of the AI, can often make simulation games an exciting intermission from traditional sports betting. 

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