5 Ways You Can Be Banned From Online Casinos

5 Ways You Can Be Banned From Online Casinos

Online casinos are quickly gaining popularity among not just casual or occasional gamblers, but also among regulars. There are a lot of reasons for that. The main one being, how easily accessible and convenient it is. With the progress of technology, they are even becoming more and more life-like. Giving players a 360° experience of the casino with real-time mingling and an all-around physical casino vibe. 

However, just like in physical casinos, some behaviors can get you a ban from your online casino. Now, veterans are more or less familiar with the rules. But for the new players or people who are unaware they can become a real hindrance in your gambling career. So, here, we are going to discuss 5 ways you can be banned from online casinos. And of course, we are also going to tell you how to avoid them. Please go through the whole article to learn more.

Minor Players

This is the absolute basic one. All casinos, whether online or offline, have a strict policy against underage gambling. And this is a rule that you should follow strictly as well. Regulation offices all around the world are very strict when it comes to this policy. And if they get even a hint of any casino letting underage players gamble, that casino can lose their license. Not only that but they can even get banned from the business altogether. Now, this policy is almost impossible to get around as all casinos require ID proofs for creating an account. This not only protects the casino but also other players from facing complications.

Duplicate accounts and fake IDs

Another reason casinos ban accounts right away is if they detect duplicate accounts. Online casinos have a one account per person rule. Basically, they can track the Ip address of the computer that you use to create your account. And if they detect the same IP address from more than one account, you can get a ban. This is why fake IDs are also not a possible way to get around this rule. They will deal with you swiftly if they find out your ID is fake, which they will absolutely check. Because it is not only a matter of their own security but also of other players. And again even if you use a fake ID, they can still detect you by the same IP address. Which will lead to a permanent ban.

Bonus scamming

Bonus scamming is also a sure-fire way to get a ban from online casinos. A lot of online casinos offer welcome bonuses in form of free bets or other deposit-related bonuses. Now, what a lot of people try to do is take advantage of these bonuses by making multiple accounts. This is called bonus scamming. Now the only way to do this is by creating duplicate accounts by submitting fake IDs. But, as we discussed in the previous point, it is completely futile. They are definitely going to check the validity of your ID. And also whether you are accessing more than one account from the same IP address. So, if you want to avoid a ban from playing your favorite game, make sure to never dabble in these things.

Suspicious transactions and activities

Big-time online casinos implement ML and AI tools to track players’ activity history. And any player showing suspicious behavior stands a chance to ban themselves. What it means is that if a player places the same amount of bets at a certain time or on a certain hand repeatedly, the casinos might ban them. They do this to avoid the use of any kind of cheating tool. This is a major concern for casinos, and so they deal with this strictly. It also shows the necessity of using ML and AI tools in this field.

Hacking threat

Hacking is a serious concern for all online casinos. This is why, when they suspect any kind of hacking activity or data breach, the casino locks all the accounts immediately. They do it to protect your bankroll as well as your important personal information. As a data leak can also lead to a major identity theft crisis, they solve these things without any kind of delay. 


Online casinos always use the latest security measures to ensure safety for everyone involved. As this field is immensely data-sensitive, any kind of rule-breaking or suspicious behavior immediately leads to an account ban. Another thing you need to remember is to read the terms and conditions of a certain casino before agreeing to it. And then you need to follow it to the point to avoid complications. If you just follow these things, your experience will be entertaining as well as smooth.

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