6 Bad Tips that Sports Bettors Should Ignore

6 Bad Tips that Sports Bettors Should Ignore

The world of sports betting for newcomers can be a little overwhelming. Especially because it involves your hard-earned money and a lot of risks. Unlike other online gambling games, you cannot depend on your own skills in sports betting. It makes us all a little insecure about our money.

One of the few things that you should be wary of if you’re starting out, is old bettors giving you random pieces of advice. They might be in the game for a long time, but most of them just wing their bets without proper planning. There are very few actual pros in the betting industry and the chances of you running into them are very low. Therefore, you should be careful of which bits of advice to follow. Here are six tips that you definitely should ignore if you come by them.

1. Trust Your Gut

Even though betting involves a lot of luck, it also involves a lot of tricks and smart play. If you are just starting out in the world of betting, you might be unaware of these tricks. But you will learn them eventually. The first thing that you need to learn is to never go with your gut, especially for a big wager. Using logic and reason is the only way to play. The smarter your play is, the more chances of winning you’ll have. But if you cannot figure out who to put your money on, don’t listen to the person who says “Go with your gut.” It never works out because betting isn’t based on your gut feeling. Gambling involves luck, but not all of it is luck. Your only way is to make the smartest play you can and wait for the rest to unfold.

2. You’re Not Wagering Enough Money

The one thing you have to remember when you begin betting is that no bankroll is too small. Manage your money wisely because once it’s gone, it rarely comes back. Don’t listen to anyone that says you should wager more money just for the sake of excitement. Sports betting is never a surefire win and you might end up losing a lot of money. Bet smartly and cautiously. That is the only way to win in this world.

3. This Bet is Surely Going to Win

The first lesson you learn while betting is that you always have a chance of losing. Every form of gambling runs the risk of loss and there is never a one hundred percent chance of someone winning. Especially in sports betting, because one never knows what might happen in the game. The best way to bet is to play smart and try to win money. But be sure to stay away from phony experts who say that a bet doesn’t have the chance of losing.

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4. More Number of Wagers Bring Most Profits

This bit of advice is not true at all. Some people bet on several sports at the same time or bet on one sport but on several games. This is not a smart play. When you’re betting on several different games, you’re not just increasing your chances of winning but also the chances of losing. Choose one or two games to bet on and play those carefully.

5. Beginner’s Luck Will Take You Far

It might burst a lot of bubbles, but beginner’s luck is not a true phenomenon. Betting is an exact science that requires logic. You cannot get anywhere with just luck. You will just end up losing money. So it’s best to ignore people who say beginner’s luck is real and learn the tricks of betting from credible sources.

6. Bet More After a Loss

While you’re gambling, always remember this – you’re not eventually gonna win just based on luck. You might win or you might keep losing, nobody knows what’s gonna happen. But if you keep putting your money on the line just because someone told you your luck’ eventually gonna turn, you’ll end up making a huge mistake. Be smart with your money because once it’s gone you’re not getting it back.


So these are six betting tips you should avoid like the plague. Most people that pose as expert bettors are actually phony. Your brain and your luck are the only things that will get you far in the game of sports betting. To learn how to manage your money properly and bet smart. The world of sports betting is huge and welcoming for anyone that wishes to come.

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