7 Betting Tips on League of Legends

Betting Tips on League of Legends

The Worlds 2021, the biggest LoL tournament, will likely take place sometime before November this year. There are a whole bunch of leagues and qualifiers leading up to it. As the League pro circuit goes on its full swing, it is a great time to stretch your game knowledge to the betting world. Here are some that can help you succeed at LoL betting. 

Make use of the Liquipedia

There are a lot of LoL teams on the pro circuit. You will come to know the top teams off the top of your head with just weeks of familiarity with the scene. But it sometimes gets tricky to remember even all the tier-1 teams by name. Thankfully, the Liquipedia wiki page on LoL is very helpful in this regard. It is not always intuitive to navigate through its labyrinthine categories. But a google search for your topic followed by Liquipdeia will tend to lead you to the right place. As a matter of fact, one should always familiarize themselves with Liquipedia. It is basically step one for even dipping your toes into the LCS betting scene. Often, it will have arrows pointing upwards (green) or downwards (red) next to the team logos to indicate current performance trends for your convenience. 

Pay close attention at the drafting phase

Roles in League are not as flexible as Dota 2. You can often guess a lot of what will transpire in the game through just the drafting phase. League drafting is all about a team composition that enables your game plan. But they always have to worry about bans and counterpicks that could shut them down. In other words, no draft is perfect in all scenarios. This is why you ought to pay very close attention to it. Getting an early guess at what kind of draft the teams are going for is going to be a game-changer in locking in value bets earlier than odds swing. Generally, the tournament playoffs where teams are eliminated are also where teams reveal secret strats they have workshopped for months. The drafting phase in these matches are an opportunity for finding potentially incredible risk-to-reward ratio bets. 

Line-shopping is essential

Sportsbooks are in business because they make their own money. The bookmaker’s odds are there to serve the bookmaker first and foremost. This is why you should not treat these odds as gospel truths. To be fair, they do get close to the real likelihood of any event occurring. But this is not about those chances per se. Rather, it is about what payout you are getting against your wager. To utilize the competitive sports betting scene best, you should always ‘line shop’ against your wagers. For those new to betting, line shopping is essentially comparing the ‘lines’, i.e. the odds from different Sportsbook platforms to find the most profitable one. 

Master bankroll management

There is always inherent risk in sports betting, like with any other form of gambling. Whether it is roulette or esports betting, managing your bankroll properly is key. It is ultimately up to you how to allocate your own money. But for starters, it is good to set out a strict wagering budget. Your wagers should never exceed 1-2% of this budget. It is sometimes difficult to keep the money this tight, as many value bets often tempt you to go all in. But if you manage your bankroll well, you will never go in the red – something not all that uncommon in gambling. 

Game knowledge helps

League of Legends is deceptively simple at first. Its beginner-friendly reputation does not mean there is a lack of depth. Many pundits will call LoL a more casual version of Dota 2, the other major player in the MOBA market. But there is a huge skill ceiling nevertheless. The competitive scene would never thrive otherwise. That said, you do not have to be a master of the game. Simply knowing its ins and outs, i.e. how general game plan and win conditions work, will go a long way. Without basic game knowledge, you would be more or less at the mercy of the bookmaker’s guess. Betting blind might seem like a fun idea for casual betting, but you need to get your head in the game to make money out of it.

Curb your expectations

The LoL community, or a large majority thereof, are a casual gaming bunch. Many of them have not had prior experience with the sports betting world. As a result, many go in with false expectations about its success rate. Remember that making it big on sports betting takes time. For instance, even the most successful punters win just over half of their wagers. 

Research is key

Esports betting is essentially knowing the game better than the bookmaker. To really succeed, you need to be in the know about the meta and pick trends in the current patch ahead of the community. Simply watching the pro teams scrim the lower brackets will often let you develop a good sense about it. 

Ultimately, you must remember to keep your expectations real. It is normal to lose many of your wagers early on. But as long as you keep learning from your mistakes, you will eventually get to a point where you can make a profit off LoL betting. 

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