7 Online Craps Misconceptions Players Often Struggle With

Online Craps Misconceptions

Craps is one of the most popular casino games in the world, but it is especially popular amongst North American gamblers. The game is very easy as it involves only rolling two dice. Being so easy, it attracts a lot of attention and thus becomes an entertaining game no matter which casino you play it in. Online Craps is very similar. Even though you have to play it on a phone or a computer, the rules are the same and with new and improved technology, you can get the real casino feel at the comfort of your home. Unfortunately, there are some myths and misconceptions around online Craps and a lot of players are hesitant to play the game. In this article, we will bust some myths around Online Craps and clear these misconceptions. 

1. Higher Risk means Higher Rewards 

A lot of people tend to think that if they bet more money, the chances of them winning will also increase. This is not true at all. If you are continuously betting more money in a game like Craps, which depends on luck, you are only putting yourself in danger. Higher risk does not mean higher rewards, in reality, it’s the opposite. A lot of people make risky side bets which are fun but can put your bankroll in danger. So be careful while playing craps online since you can get carried away by the heat of the moment. 

2. You Can’t Learn if You Play Online 

This is not true at all. Online is a great place to learn new tricks no matter which game you play. Craps is already a game of chances and there are not many tricks involved. But if you learn about the frequency of the numbers and the side bets you can make, you can use them to win money in Craps. And online provides a great practice environment if you cannot go to a physical casino. 

3. Online Craps Pays More 

Again, this is not entirely true. There are aspects of land casino Craps that are better than those of online casinos and vice versa. For example, a lot of land casinos might offer better odds and less house edge when it comes to Craps than online casinos. However, online casinos have a much lesser lower limit of minimum wager that helps the player. At most land casinos, the lowest bet for a game of Craps is $5, while in online casinos it is as low as $1. This makes it easier for people to play more and get more chances of winning. 

4. Bonus Money Increases the Chances of Winning 

This is a misconception that a lot of players believe in. Most online casinos offer amazing sign-up or deposit bonus offers. A lot of them match your first deposit up to a certain level and you can play with that money. People tend to think that playing with the bonus money will put them at an advantage but that’s not true. Bonuses come with a lot of terms and conditions and don’t do much to improve your luck in Craps. 

5. You Might Get Cheated in Online Craps 

A lot of gamblers still believe in this myth. But the truth is, casinos don’t need to cheat you to make money. The moment you decide to sit down and make a deposit on their website, they have already started making money. Cheating their clients will only take away their credibility and fame. Nobody will do that to make a few thousand more. Reputation is everything when it comes to gambling. 

6. Online Players Get Better Comps 

A lot of players believe that online Craps offer better comps than land casinos. This is false. If we are talking about comps, they are undoubtedly better in land casinos. But online casinos do offer great bonuses and offers to players. 

7. Online Craps is Boring

This one, you won’t know until you play, but this claim is false. Of course, you won’t be able to replicate that perfect atmosphere and interesting characters of a casino on an online website. However, it doesn’t mean that the games are boring. The graphics are usually great and the ambiance is great too. It makes the game look realistic. And if you miss social interactions then you can always chat with them in the game. 


Misconceptions around online games have been there for a long time. People, especially those who are used to playing in land casinos are always scared of dipping their toes in the online casino world. But online casinos provide great practice and it’s the only way for many people to get a taste of gambling. With the pandemic throwing the world into chaos, online casinos are the way to go. And with these common online Craps myths busted, you might be able to confidently play Craps online as well.

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