8 Strange Betting Lingos You May Not Know About

8 Strange Betting Lingos You May Not Know About

As sports betting has become more and more popular, betting lingos have changed from what they were before. Like every other thing in the world, betting has gone through a lot of evolution. With the rise of online betting sites, various new terms have come up that didn’t exist before. Be it new or old, betting lingos can be pretty confusing because of its strange terminology. If you’re new to the betting world, these terms can confuse you. Here is a list of eight such lingos that you may need to know.

Bad beat:

Bad beat is a situation when there is a bad bet due to an unexpected circumstance at the end of the game. For example, even if you have a favorite, they might end up losing the match during a penalty shootout. This is an unexpected circumstance and can result in a bad beat. A bad beat situation is an issue that shows the role of luck in betting. 

Backdoor Cover:

A backdoor cover happens when you bet money on a team and they cover the spread in the end moments of the game. For example, if you bet for your favourite basketball team to win by a certain amount of points and someone scores a buzzer-beater at the end of the match to cover that score, it’s called a Backdoor Cover.


This one is actually pretty easy. It’s just short for ‘underdog’ and has become a popular lingo in recent times. Underdogs are the side who people consider to be weaker. And they don’t expect them to win against the favourites. For example, if a team has won a championship few times in a row, they’re the favourites. And any weaker team pitted against them becomes the underdog or dog.

Elo Rating:

Named after then Hungarian- American chess player and Physics professor Arpad Elo, this rating system works mostly for competitor vs competitor games. It’s a numerical way to rank the participants based on their skills and previous performances.


A handicapper in sports betting is someone who can predict the result of a game with fair certainty. They do this by wagering the pros and cons stacked against each team and come up with the most possible outcome. Even though sports betting is based on luck most of the time, handicapping is a great way to predict the outcome.


Parlay in sports betting is quite interesting. It is a single sports wager that combines two or more bets. As long as the bets are on different games within the same sports, you can bet on anything you like. If they all win, you win a huge amount of money too. Parlay is very popular amongst seasoned bettors.

Prop Bet:

Prop bets (short for Proposition Bets. Also called side bets) are bets that are linked to the sports, but not to the outcome of the match. For example, if you bet on who’s going to win the toss, or who’s going to score first – it’s not technically a bet on the outcome of the game-but there’s still a connection. People call this a prop bet, and it’s very popular among bettors.


Steaming is a pretty popular betting strategy. It happens when a lot of Sharps or syndicates heavily bet on one side of the betting line. When the betting odds change for virtually every sportsbook, it’s called steam. The source of steam is mostly major sportsbooks that take large wagers. You have to remember that betting on the steam doesn’t always mean you’re gonna win. Sharps can bet on one side heavily to move the scales and come back to bet on the other side instead. So you have to be careful.


That is the list of strange betting lingos that have gained increasing popularity. People use these words and phrases regularly in online betting circles across the world. If you are someone that is trying to get serious about sports betting, you have to know all these terms and what they mean. You will not become a seasoned professional in one day. But knowing the meaning of each of these will help you become a better bettor.

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