Are All Casino Games a Game of Numbers?

Are All Casino Games a Game of Numbers?

One can safely say that any type of gambling is mostly based on numbers. Even though luck plays a big part in some of the games, numbers are still very important. Math is an integral part of almost all casino games. You cannot depend on fate for the long run in a casino. Especially if you are trying to master card games, numbers are going to be your friend forever. Every card game, no matter the house edge, has some numbers involved. You cannot become good at games like Poker, Blackjack, and Baccarat without learning the numbers. Even dice games like Craps need you to learn about numbers. 

Numbers in Poker

People often consider poker to be a game of immense skills and nerves. Even though there are elements of randomness and luck involved in poker, mostly it is a game of skills. And since you have to play poker against other players and not against the house, numbers become even more important. Remembering the fact that poker is a game of combinations and not permutations, one can become better at poker by practicing constantly and also trying to remember the numbers. A poker hand is made of a combination of 5 cards and the person with the best combination wins. Remembering the best combinations and betting accordingly can help you win. Thus, numbers are very important in poker. 

Numbers in Blackjack

Blackjack is a card game that one or more players play against the house. This game runs on numbers. Since the goal is to get a combination of cards that gets the closest to 21 without surpassing the number or getting lower than the dealer, mathematics is a very important aspect of the game. Luck might be an important part of Blackjack but you cannot get better at it based on luck. You have to sharpen your mathematical skills as well. 

Numbers in Baccarat

Baccarat is a game that is fundamentally based on math. There is a percentage of commission that the casino takes out of your winnings if you bet on the banker and you have to remember that. The player hand does not have a commission if you bet on it and win, but the house edge is also higher on the Player hands. Other than that, like every card game, this also involves some math. But since the game is based on betting, commissions and house edge is an important aspect of it. 

Numbers in Craps 

Craps is a very simple dice game. The simplicity of craps draws a lot of people in, especially newcomers. It has rules but not too many. Rolling two dice means you get six possible outcomes per dice. This results in a pretty simple game rule and the math is also easy. But remembering which total of numbers means you can win is pretty important. Craps are based mostly on luck but by betting smartly, you can earn a good amount of money from this game. 

Numbers in Roulette

A game like Roulette, which has a number wheel as a base will have a lot to do with numbers. And it is true. Math is a very important part of any Roulette game. Not only do you have to remember about the house edge, but also how to bet on these numbers and what gives you the best chances of winning. This math can be a little overwhelming for newcomers but once you learn it, your skills would improve drastically. Since you cannot apply your skills in this, your focus should be solely on which numbers or colors have the highest chance of winning you money and betting on those. 


As we saw, even the most simple casino games involve some form of math and numbers. Gambling is based mostly on numbers. Since it involves money, no casino game can truly be considered to be uninfluenced by numbers. Even slot games, which seem like a simple game of chance, involve math. Especially considering the bankroll management and figuring out the house edge, you cannot even let go of numbers once you enter a casino. So if you ever want to become a master at any of these games, you have to improve your math skills and cater to the needs of each of these games. Practicing these games over and over again will make you a professional at them.

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