Are Betting Methods Useful When Playing Casino Games?

Betting Methods

Betting methods or betting strategies are quite useful when it comes to gambling. They help to make the gambling or betting process much more structured give it a path of aim and make it very profitable. Betting methods are often devised based on statistical analysis. The best that any betting strategy can do is change the house edge of a game to the player’s advantage. With games that have fixed odds – pure probability games, it may be extremely difficult to devise a suitable betting strategy.

A betting system can be well defined as a great system to manage the stakes with the aim of maximizing the profits. Betting strategies involve risk but can be used for even a slight improvement of the short-term and long-term results. Some of the most used betting methods that can bring about a change in the gaming pattern and make it much more profitable and enthusiastic are:

Martingale System

This is one of the most popular negative progression plans. The rule of Martingale is: Doubling Stake After Every Loss”. Once the player becomes a winner, the whole system of stakes is reset to the basal level. This strategy is ideal for games like Roulette. The only rule to abide by is that: you must place even money bets with this strategy. Starting with the small wagers, one can bet on Red, Black, Odd, or Even.

Paroli System

One of the favorite betting strategies of professional gamblers. It is mostly useful in positive progression. The Paroli system is based on playing the even money wagers. Increase the bets with every win – that is the strategy of the Paroli system. Therefore, the core idea is to double the wager of roulette after three consecutive spin wins. The take gets back to the base unit, once the player wins. Quite the opposite of the Martingale system. If you can understand the Martingale system and apply it under given circumstances, it will be quite easy to get along with this one.

D’Alembert System

Quite similarly aligned to the Martingale system, with only one minor difference – with every loss, the player does not double their stake, instead, the wager should be increased by one single unit at a time. The units could be $1, $10 or $100. The key concept is to stagger the stakes and reduce the risk.

Cover The Table

Hedging the bet in order to maximize the returns as much as possible is the primary idea of this system. This betting strategy is quite difficult and at times expensive to implement. With the existence of several types of Cover The Table bets, each plan yields something different and has a unique approach. Here are some of the bets:

  • Bet 11: Covering 12 streets of three numbers each – a total cover of 33
  • The Bet 17: Each split pays 17/1 in this type of bet and the idea is to cover 17 out of the total 18 available splits.
  • Bet 3rd Dozen, 1-18: Cover 30 possible staggering numbers – the even-money wager will be on 1-18 and another dozen numbers which are at 2/1 each.
  • The Bet 35: This involves placing a bet at the 35 Roulette numbers. The profit is quite low, for example just a single unit while playing European Roulette.

Fibonacci System

This one is also mostly used in the game of Roulette. It is also applicable for the slots with better RTP. The negative progression system is mostly aligned with the Fibonacci system. It works something similar to Paroli. The stakes are increased at a slow pace after losing any spin. The bets follow the Fibonacci sequence that is 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34. Each bet will be the sum of the previous two wagering sums. The Fibonacci system helps to eliminate losses. The idea of implementing the Fibonacci plan is to not let the bet strike hard on the player’s bankroll.

Betting With Lowest House Edge

If you are too interested in flashy slots, it is time to rethink your choices and go for the games with the lowest house edge. The casino games that have the lowest house edge and thus in turn the best odds are Video Poker, Craps, Baccarat, Blackjack, and Spanish 21.

Final Words

If we abide by the laws of mathematics, no betting methods or systems can bring a change in the long-term results of a game. The best they can do is make up for the higher odds and make gambling a much more fun and exciting experience however that would come at the cost of increased risk.

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