Are Online Game Shows Becoming The Next Big Thing In Online Casino Games?

Are Online Game Shows Becoming The Next Big Thing In Online Casino Games?

Online casinos are gaining more and more popularity in recent years. There are a lot of reasons for that. Such as convenience, easy access, and time-saving. Not only that but the introduction of a new interactive 360° viewing experience and immersive sound effects also adds to the charm. Not to mention, the amazing multilevel and varying storylines with different levels give people the experience of a lifetime. Add to that new age graphics, and honestly, the merging of gambling and gaming has never been better. 

This is one of the main reasons why online game shows are slowly but steadily taking over the whole online casino world. From newbies to pros and even regular physical casino visitors are getting lured in by the charm this new world presents. It has even managed to attract regular gamers who want to level up and try their hand at earning some extra cash while gaming to their heart’s content. So, here we are going to discuss whether online game shows really are the next big thing in the online casino world. Please read on to learn more.

What are online game shows?

Online game shows are pretty similar to popular game shows or reality shows we see on TV. There are contestants who compete with each other and try their utmost to clear the levels of the game to win the ultimate prize money. It is not just a matter of pride in case of winning or losing. Instead, it factors in some serious cash. So the stakes obviously become that much higher. There are even hosts in some games as well as the chance to use multipliers of 2x and 7x values on your wins. They are highly entertaining and bring in the anticipation we associate with these game shows.

Why are they becoming popular?

Think about it, some contestants are competing to their level best against each other to clear each level to win the mega prize. You do not know who is going to come up on top. All you can do is make an educated bet on your player and pray that they win this round. The anticipation of the whole process is highly addictive and entertaining. Add to that the fact that when your player actually manages to win, you get a big fat payout. So it is no wonder that gamers and gamblers all around the world have started trying this game for fun. And in no time they become hooked to it. 

Types of online game shows

There are numerous types of game shows that are available on various online casinos. A lot of them use retro games like Monopoly to appeal to players of all ages. Monopoly live is actually one of the most popular online game shows that stream on online casinos. However, some other notable games need to be mentioned here that are insanely popular at the moment. Such as:

  • Deal or no deal: So the players first spin the dream catcher wheel to qualify for the main game round. The main round consists of players opening cases until they reach their allotted cash prize. It is similar to a TV show of the same name and is a great opportunity for the fans to enjoy themselves.
  • Crazy time game show: Another game based on the dream catcher concept. It is innovative and interactive and lets you win about 25000 times your opening stake. You start the game with base level and then level up to bonus levels which come with their own multipliers.
  • Gonzo’s treasure hunt: This live casino game comes with astounding graphics that sucks you right in the journey of Gonzo. You experience all the adventure with him as he travels through the lost city of Eldorado while treasure hunting. It even comes with a VR mode that makes the experience completely immersive.


Gambling and gaming both have been popular for a long time. Now with a chance to merge both have brought players from both sides together. It lets the gamers enjoy the pleasures of gambling and lets the gambler experience the wonderful world of gaming in one go. With never seen before graphics, VR modes, interactive playing sessions, and even classic retro themes, it lures people of every age group in. It provides the best of both worlds which increases its appeal that much more. Now we are still waiting to see how it develops with the introduction of new technologies. However, it would not be wrong to say that with the skyrocketing popularity, this might just become the next big thing in online casinos.

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