Are Smartwatches Becoming The Next Big Thing In Online Gambling?

Are Smartwatches Becoming The Next Big Thing In Online Gambling?

A smartwatch right now is a vessel to carry out many tasks. It works as a fitness tracker, a communication mediator, and many more. A fascinating idea though would be if we could play our favorite online casino games on these smartwatches. This would make our favorite online casinos a lot more mobile, and the playing process a lot more discreet. Now, thanks to the adaptability of this industry we already have this feature on our mobile phones. Despite or maybe because of that the hope for it being available on our smartwatches has become so nagging.  

Thankfully, this idea has been going around in the concerned departments for a while. So, as a result, a few of these watches were introduced to the market with the added benefit of some gambling apps. But, is the trend all set to bring the next big break in the world of online gambling? We are here to find out. Here, we are going to talk a little about how these watches have become an irreplaceable part of our daily lives. And also how they are now trying to incorporate the necessity with the luxury of online gambling in these watches. Please read on to learn more.

Smartwatches: when did they start ticking?

The idea of combining computers and watches was first analyzed in the 1980s. Seiko was the first company to bring out their Data-2000 in 1983. This had storage of about 2 memos containing about 1000 characters each. In 1984 they released an upgraded model, RC-1000. This watch interestingly was able to connect to a personal computer. And then after a long period of evolution, they released the Receptor MessageWatch. This watch could even receive pager messages from FM radio signals. 

Samsung was the company to bring out the next big break in this industry in 1999. With their then-latest release called SPH-WP10, they made it possible to call people for about 90 minutes. After that, well, the battery gives out. However, this watch phone opened a new horizon for people.

Then, in 2004, Microsoft brought out the first smartwatch, with their Microsoft SPOT. It was a wearable device where you could receive news, weather reports, emails, and instant messages. However, the users were still not able to respond to them.

After that, the road became a lot smoother with the introduction of the LiveView, and Pebble smartwatch by Sony Ericsson. And then later with Google’s Android Wear and Apple’s Apple Watch.

Is the trend ready for the big break?

In 2020, Gucci collaborating with Fnatic released a $1500 watch with gamer-driven aesthetics. It is redundant to say that the limited edition quickly sold out. Later in the year, Garmin released their new esports smartwatch. This edition was equipped with custom-made features for gamers. These esports smartwatches help them to track and stream their biometric data. In an upgraded version, there is also an option to live stream said biometric data to audiences. They can also be used in either esports or smartphone mode. The battery backup lasts about 80 hours. However, it is still not ready to become the big break yet. Here is why:

Smartwatches and gaming

There are some fun paid and unpaid gaming apps available to download on these devices. However, they are not ready to work as full-blown gaming consoles yet. Though, that future does not seem to be too far ahead. A few gaming companies and online casinos are trying to develop applications that will work with these devices better. This might be news to rejoice for all slots lovers. Because of the ease of control of the game, they might be the first ones to be available in such a form. As for now, there are still some disadvantages that are stopping it from becoming a widespread trend. Such as the small screen size and the limitations to the number of applications. However, we can hope that with technological advances we will soon see the end of the problems.

How do you gamble on your smartwatch?

For what little number of apps and websites are available, and for future references, you need to follow these guidelines. What you need to do basically is, visit the website or app from your smartphone and then sync it to your smartwatch. After that, you should be able to play on your smartwatch.


The online gambling industry is very adaptable to these technologies, which is a major reason for its continuous upward rise. With the introduction of smartwatches into the field, we can only wait and see where it takes us. In the meantime, play smart, play safe, and enjoy the game as much as you can.

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