Presenting Booongo’s Furious Rich – Smash with Golden Hammer


Having a decent range of games with online casinos is essential. Well, with Booongo, because of its impressive scope and quality, it has mind-blowing games. Booongo is one of those online gaming provider sites that completely change the way things are done. Therefore, providing only the best of the finest online casino games.

With amazing graphics and realistic sounds, Booongo has excellent themes in slot games. It’s offering everyone a stunning full entertainment platform. Booongo, therefore, extends gratitude to faithful players and intends to attract prospective players as BNG has prepared enormous prizes for all the participants to come. Here it is. Smash with Golden Hammer

Booongo’s Furious Rich – Smash with Golden Hammer

Furious Rich Smash with Golden Hammer is Booongo ‘s latest promotion. Whereas, it welcomes everyone to take part in this campaign. Booongo is pleased to give you this impressive promotional plan. What are you waiting for? Be one of the lucky winners to get the exclusive prizes.

With the undying support, it inspires BNG to create and develops unique and sensational games. It definitely gives excitement and thrill with the variable mechanics and amazing modern layout and images.

Game Provider – Booongo

Booongo is one of the newly founded online casino gaming providers specializing in multi-channel DH game production. The company may have a small catalog of games, but their games are definitely impressive and deserve the attention of everyone, especially those players who like their games differently, quirky and engaging. Booongo games are made with the recent HTML5 technology, which implies they are compatible with many distinct gaming systems including mobile and desktop devices. Their graphic representation in high definition is incredibly portrayed.

Since 2015, this firm has offices in Taiwan and Ukraine. Their gaming licenses granted by the Curacao Gaming Authority. The firm has definitely proven that on their game they can come up with great ideas integrated into their games. There’s a game for everyone.

Let’s look at the details of this promotional campaign.

Promotional Games

The player can find the featured games on the promotion page. Click on Boongo’s Furious Rich-Smash with Golden Hammer and see the game lists. From there you can choose what game to play. Moreover, players can view the terms and conditions and other promotional details on the page.

Below, the titles of the games developed by BNG (Booongo) that you can play:

  1. God’s Temple Deluxe
  2. Viking’s Gods Gold
  3. Shen Long Mi Bao
  4. Lucky Xmas
  5. 777 Gems
  6. Sky Gems: 5 Wilds
  7. Book of Sun: Multichance
  8. Dragon Pearls: Hold and Win 

Participate Now

Visit JeetWin and play games for the new promotional campaign. Huge prizes await you here. Simply register and take part in this newest promotion. All JeetWin players are eligible to participate. Players can participate by playing Booongo’s listed games on JeetWin. Just play one of the games listed in this promotion to participate and win exciting prizes. If you have any queries, contact our Customer Service for details.

Promotional Details

The promotion campaign’s of date and time started from 07/21 21:30 and ends up to 07/27 21:30 IST.  Players can play within the time period indicated. Furthermore, players will receive rewards as long their single round bet is equal or above 51.5 INR and the qualifying rounds are equal or above 50. It calculates the score according to the amount of bets on each spin. Therefore, the top 500 players will have time to win a total prize of 8,34,300 INR. For players with other currencies, it bases the prize amount on the currency on the exchange rate table provided.

Bet Table

Bet AmountPoints
51.5 – 257.491
257.5 – 514.9915
515 – 1,029.9960
1,030 – 2,059.99 250
2,060 – 5,149.991,250
5,150 – 14,419.996,800
14,420+ INR28,800

Prize Table

RankPrize Table
4 – 519,446.4
6 – 109,146.4
11 – 503,996.4
51 – 1001,730.4
101 – 300906.4
301 – 50082.4

Promotion Scenario Examples

  1. If a player bets INR 51.5 for 40 rounds. It does not, however, fulfill the minimum 50 rounds requirement. Points will only accumulate in the leaderboard if the player has made extra 10 rounds with INR bets of no less than 51.5. Then all qualified 50 rounds will transform bets to corresponding points.
  2. If a player bets 51.5 INR for 50 rounds, it will receive 1 point.
  3. If a player bets 515 INR in one spin and plays 1,030 INR bets next round. Player earn total points are 310 (60 + 250).

Promotion Terms and Conditions

  1. All JeetWin players are qualified for this promotion.
  2. There is no bet to play during Free Spins, Re-spins or Bonus Games, so there will be no rewards with any points for players under these conditions.
  3. Players will receive a prize as long as their single round bet is equivalent to or above INR 51.5 and qualifying rounds are equal to or above 50.
  4. It bases the calculation of the score on the amount of bets per spin.
  5. There will be a leaderboard for players to verify their current standing. It shows only qualified players that meet the minimum rounds and bets needed. The leaderboard refreshes every 30 minutes automatically. 
  6. It requires no additional fees to take part in this campaign, apart from the bets of each spin.
  7. In this campaign, it counts only qualified rounds.
  8. All prizes and bets are invalid when any malfunction occurs in the campaign.

Payout Result

The payout outcome will take place on 2019/07/29:00:00 UTC+8. 

To find out more about JeetWin, visit our blog for more information. For complete access to these Booongo’s games, register here! To play its games, go straight to JeetWin and win amazing rewards!

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