Buy Bets in Craps – What Are They?

Buy Bets

Among the many games that one can play in a Casino, Craps is the one with great versatility and diversity. The Craps table is easily spotted in a Casino by the number of spectators, which is easily higher than the players. Craps is quite popular among all ages and one of its main advantages is that there are multiple types of bets that one can place by giving a commission to the Casino. This allows the players to have different types of experiences with the game. One of the most common types of bets in the game is ‘Buy Bets’. This article will bring light to what is buy bets and their advantages and strategies. 

What is a Buy Bet?

Simply explained, a buy bet is a bet that is placed on any number between 4 and 10, excluding 7. These bets are very similar to Place bets except that the players pay a 5% commission on their bet, and if they win, they are paid at true casino odds, excluding the 5%. This 5% is referred to as ‘vigorish’ or ‘vig’ in the casino gambling world. Buy bets are considered the best betting option at the Craps table. Each player can pay the vig and add or remove a bet until the shooter rolls the losing number. If the player has won, they can cash the bet or keep the bet and play further. 

What are the odds in a Buy bet?

Buy bets are one of the most favorable betting options when it comes to the game of Craps. When someone places a Buy bet. They receive true odds, which means that they receive a payment based on their probability of winning. This is one of the best ratios which can be getting in any game in a casino. 

Every casino charges a commission on the Buy bets which is 5%, however, the land-based casinos have their own discretion. Some casinos charge on the bets in spite of whatever the outcome is, some charge commissions on the total winnings, while others let it go for particular bets. 

Which Buy bet should be chosen?

There are a variety of Buy bet strategies that might help in determining the next move. Buy Bets are one of the most lucrative strategies when it comes to placing bets online on the Craps table. Many new players are skeptical about their decision because of the vig or the commission, however, advanced players develop their craps strategy and include buy bet as one of them. It makes the game more fun and gives the chance of playing with multiple bets to the players. The strategies below will help the players understand why the Buy bet is a suitable option. Better than the other bets. 

  • Buy Bets for the Iron Cross – The iron cross is a betting strategy that is a high wager and it involves a Field bet. If the player is comfortable with commission or the vig, they can go for buy bets which will land them a better payout for the Iron cross, dropping the house edge to below 2%. 
  • Bet on 4 or 10 – The numbers 4 and 10 is a suitable and popular options for placing bets. The return and the odds of these numbers are much higher than the rest. Some players often go for both numbers at the same time, which offers a 26.3% chance of winning the return. The one thing to keep in mind is that multiple Buy bets generally lose on 7. 
  • Mix Buy Bet and a Pass Line Bet – It is common for experienced players to couple a Buy bet with a pass line bet or any other bets. Generally, these players open with a pass line bet which covers the main point. Then they place a bet on some other number, which gives them a chance of winning the pass line as well as the buy bet. This way, they also get a better return on the buy bet. 


Although they are not very popular among the newer players, buy bets are one of the simplest options available. There are a variety of options available when it comes to making bets in Craps. According to the above article, it is understandable that Buy bets definitely have their own advantages, and sometimes it is more appropriate to place a buy bet than to place any other bet. A player must carefully consider all their options before making a decision. 

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