Can You Play Online Casinos Using VPN?

Can You Play Online Casinos Using VPN?

Online gambling is a very famous and fun pass time for many around the world. Many people like to play online games and win money on different websites. But a lot of countries have strict rules against online gambling and some have banned it altogether. If you are a gambler from these countries then VPNs can save you. VPNs will help you hide your location and encrypt your IP address. So you can play online as you please. Through VPNs, many people who were not able to gamble online before can do so now. 

Restrictions on Online Gambling 

Full-fledged online gambling started in the 90s. And since then, the industry grows significantly every year. Millions of people around the globe love gambling online. It saves them the hassle of going to a physical casino and yet it is safe and secure. But it is not so easy for everyone. Out of the 195 countries in the world, 56 have serious legal restrictions on online gambling. Regulations on online gambling are pretty common. But 10 countries have completely banned online gambling. It’s not easy for gambling websites to keep up with all the laws from all countries. So they use geo-locating technology to block users from countries that have banned online gambling. 

Religion, society, and culture all play a big part when it comes to the ban on online gambling. For example, almost all the countries that have Islam as their main religion has banned offline and online gambling. In some countries, the citizens cannot gamble but the tourists can. But they do not always have the right infrastructure to stop people from gambling online. And with the help of VPNs, you can bypass these issues. But not all VPNs are secure and you need to choose yours carefully. 

How Does a VPN Help You 

For people who love gambling but cannot gamble online for legal restrictions, VPNs are a lifesaver. With a VPN, you can route the internet connection through a country of your choice, which in this case is a country that has looser gambling laws. Then the geo-location will not pick up on your actual location and you will be able to participate in online gambling websites that you could not enter before. The bonus of VPNs is that they also obscure your location and encrypt your internet connection. So that nobody can track your actual location. 

VPN does help you when your country of origin or the country you are traveling to have some rigorous laws against gambling. But we do not condone illegal activity. So be aware of the gambling laws of the country before you use a VPN to bypass geolocation. And even though most VPNs are safe, there are still some risks of using a VPN service. 

The Risks of Using a VPN Include 

1. Not being able to access some gambling sites even though you are using VPN. This may vary from user to user and the cause is not confirmed yet. But sometimes you cannot access some sites even after using a VPN service. 

2. The gambling sites may freeze your account if they find out that you are using a VPN service. If it goes against their rules then they might close your account. 

3. Using a VPN may also affect your payments. In some cases, you might not get your money back or get the money that you have won. Some websites need ID proofs so they can see your country. If your ID does not match with your data then they may withhold the payments. 

When Should You Use a VPN for Online Gambling 

Using a VPN must seem like a lot of trouble after reading all the cons. But surprisingly, these cases are pretty rare. Most people that use a VPN to access online gambling sites do it because they are traveling to a country where online gambling is banned. In this case, your identity and country of your origin are not a problem. And even if you cannot access your money in the country you are traveling to, you can always cash out after you come back. You can use the VPN service to still play while you are abroad. And then you can cash out all your winnings after you get back home. 


It is important to remember that there are risks to VPN and we do not condone any illegal activities. Use your VPN service to gamble when you are in another country. This is the most common and important use of VPNs.

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