Casino Terminology and Jargons You Should Know

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The world of casino may be overwhelming to some—especially to newbies and beginners. Its developed and unique set of jargons that you will only find in a casino setting makes game time faster and easier to those knowledgeable. However, the truth is the opposite for novices. Don’t fret! We’re here to help you out. Today, let’s look at some of the most used words and jargons unique to casino world gambling and their meaning.


Action: It means play in a casino setting. Whether sportsbetting, table games, slots, a player may have a lot of action in a casino.

Advantage Player: A player who has an edge against the house. It may be players who count cards, or online players who gain lead with bonuses and promotions.

Affiliate: A certain type of marketing used by online casinos. Usually a type of program exclusive for online players.

Balance: the available amount a player has at a given time. A player may add to this amount through deposits.

Black Book: Used in Las Vegas, this is a list of banned players from entering and playing in casinos.

Card Sharp: A master in card games like blackjack, poker, and baccarat.

Card Washing: The act of shuffling cards where the cards are placed face down and turned around much like clothes in a washing machine.

Casino Tournament: An event where in a specific duration, players compete for the highest scores in a series of slot or table games.

Chase: An attempt to regain credits lost after a losing game.

Cold: Labelled to a player, a game, or a slot machine when no longer on a winning streak.

Color Up: The act of exchanging smaller denomination chips to larger denominations.

Comp: Term used when the house gives away freebies or points. The house may comp from simple points and credits to hotel accommodation, and sometimes even jet rides.

Croupier: The French equivalent of a table game dealer.

Deposit: The process of adding one’s money to their online account.

Deuce: In dice, this term is used to indicate the number 2.

Dime: Short for $1,000.


Eighty-six or 86: Code used when a casino excludes or evicts a player.

Eye in the Sky: The overhead cameras in casinos used for monitoring activities.

Face Cards: Kings, Queens, and Jacks cards.

Fish: Term used for a losing player.

Foreign: Checks produced from and endorsed by other casinos.

Gambler’s Fallacy: Also called the Monte Carlo fallacy, it is the belief that a random previous event has an influence on a future event.

George: Term used to describe a player who tips generously to dealers and other casino employees.

Grind: The act of being consistent and betting with knowledge of probabilities in a certain game.

High Roller: Player who bets huge amounts. Also referred to as VIPs.

Hole Card: The face down card a dealer receives during a blackjack game. In other table games, this is the card a player receives.

Hot: Term used for a winning player.

Hit: In online blackjack, the term is used when requesting for another card.

Martingale: A betting system in which a player doubles up the bets after each loss.

Net Winnings: Total payout of a player less the bets placed.


On Tilt: Called to losing players who makes wild play afterwards.

Punto Banco: Another name for Baccarat.

Random Number Generator (RNG): A system used in online slots which automatically determines the winning and losing combinations as well as the outcome of each spin.

Shoe: Refers to the box used by a card dealer.

Stake: The value or amount wagered on the outcome of a casino game.

Stripping: Also called card stripping, this is the term used for shuffling cards that reverses the sequential order of the cards in the deck.

Tapping Out: Used to describe the action when a player loses everything.

Twenty-one: Another term for Blackjack.

Underlay: Term used to describe a bad bet.

White Meat: Equivalent to gambling profit.

Withdrawal: The process of getting one’s money out of their online account.

What are you waiting for? Now that you understand the common terminology in a casino, starting in one should be a lot easier. If you want to read more articles on casinos, world casino guides, game updates, and more, follow our blog. To start playing online casino games, sports betting, and more, visit JeetWin now. But first, do not forget to sign up with us for online gaming access!

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