Find Out What Your Casino Game Choice Says About You

What Does Your Online Casino Game say About You?

We always have a top choice when it comes to picking an online casino game. Some people enjoy table games while others take advantage of slots. Whatever you like and whatever type of game you choose, there is always a representation of you. On this site, we’d like to tell and break down the famous online casino games and give you an inside look at what your casino game tells you about your personality as everybody has their own choice of the game when they play in casinos. Here is the list of casino games.

Slots – The Relaxed and Fun-Loving Introvert

The players selecting slots are the type of people that loving the laid-back lifestyle. They want adventure and excitement but love the relaxed time that slot games can provide to themselves. Slot players get the most fun when they’re relaxed and unhurried. They avoid risks and are not fond of competition and drama. And they prefer to rely on personal and intuitive judgment over complex analytical thinking. Generally, they enjoy being on their own.

Roulette – The Lone Wolf Thrill Seeker Introvert

Every player has an addictive personality that is always hard to pull away from. This player is an example of it. On the other hand, they never begged for social interaction and were more than happy to spend their day alone. They’re kind of superstitious and hate circumstances of high pressure. Roulette player personalities may be variable. Some may be reckless and bet for high stakes on a single number while others are taking a more conservative approach and lowering their bets to prevent massive loss. Players playing roulette are known to be impulsive and many have a difficult time walking away from the table. They’re introverts’ players.

Poker – The Analytical and Competitive Extrovert

They are the players who are positive, competitive and want to be in positions where they can show their powerful analytical abilities. They are comfortable in social situations and don’t shy away from doing anything they need to get on top. Poker players are often seen as big thinkers and as competitive players. They watch how their rivals constantly play so they can make the right decisions for them. This player is considered an extrovert because they don’t fear huge crowds.

Craps – The Outgoing Social Butterfly Extrovert

This player likes to meet people to connect. Especially when they are the center of attraction they love a good show. Craps players are considered the life of the party. Such people enjoy a night out with a special friend or a group of friends while they play the game and love socializing with new people. They have an outgoing personality that you’d sure like about them. This player is also considered as being extrovert.

Blackjack – The Strategic Risk Taker Extrovert

The players who decide to play blackjack appear to be risk-takers. They enjoy creating their strategies and numbers which crunch mentally. Blackjack players have fun when they earn 21 and beat the dealer despite a lot of risks involved. They have an eye for the drama and live on the edge constantly. This player is a sure lover of being in the crowd. Having their own game-involvement decisions gives them satisfaction and anticipation.

Bingo – The Friendly, Trustworthy and Optimist Extrovert

This player is kind-hearted, and they respect fairness and equality. They are looking for fun and affection to pass the time with old friends and new ones. Bingo players are optimistic, alert and believe that fun is just around the corner. They are confident enough to be just a number away from the next big win and another name on our list that is considered an extrovert.

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