Get Lucky with Spadegaming’s Mr. Chu Tycoon

Get Lucky with Spadegaming’s Mr. Chu Tycoon

JeetWin once again shows its dominance over world-class slot games by partnering with Spadegaming. Together, the two present its latest slot craze—Mr. Chu Tycoon.

Ancient Imperial China—the longest lasting empire in human history. From one dynasty to another, generations to generations, Chinese people have grown from tribal dwellers to realm warriors, and to the world giant they are known today. Thousands of years have honed them to be forbearing, resilient, and most of all, venturous.

Mr. Chu Tycoon takes us a thousand years back to the land of the Red Dragon. Dynasty wars are rampant and the country seems to be in and out of control from one family to another. Mr. Chu, our game hero, is the wealthiest pig in the country with little to no concern about the condition of the nation whence he came. All he cares is his money, where to put it, and how to grow them more.

A new year has just begun, and Mr. Chu decides he wants to go shopping. He has a list of the extravagant things he wants to buy and a bunch of impulse purchases on the side. To do this, he needs to stop by at the nearest bank and withdraw some cash. Too bad for him, his stature only allows him to carry way less than what he can buy. Lucky for you, he needs some help.

Your goal is to help Mr. Chu carry his money from the bank to the mall. Helpers will not get dry—our wealthy pig is generous. He gives hefty tips to people who carry his money for him. Sometimes, he even shows his personal treasure in the hidden vaults of the bank!

The Game

Mr. Chu Tycoon is Spadegaming’s famous slot game featuring a 5×4 grid with 40 betways. Spadegaming, a gaming provider based in Asia has once again proved its expertise in Asian-themed games promoting the unique cultures in the region without sacrificing gameplay.


Spadegaming packed this game with many features including free spins, wild symbols, expanding symbols, mystery symbols and scatter symbols. It also has auto play, instant play, and video slots. First, let’s look at what these symbols can do:

The Wild Symbol, an icon with Mr. Chu’s portrait, substitutes all other symbols except the Scatter symbol. The payout for this symbol is 5000, 500, 50, 5, and 2 when it appears five, four, three, and two times.

Three or more Scatter symbols that appear from leftmost reel will activate the Free Game mode. This symbol payouts 100, 25, and 5 when it appears five, four, and three times.

The golden pig symbol and the golden ring with emerald symbol payout in the amounts of 500, 100, 25, and 2 when they appear five, four, three, and two times.

Two prosperity symbols; namely, the golden amulet and the golden bar symbols payout in the amounts of 250, 75, and 10, when they appear five, four, and three times.

The gold coins with red envelopes symbol payouts in the amount of 200, 50, and 10, when it appears five, four, and three times.

Other low-paying level symbols include K, Q, J, 10, and 9 suits. All symbols pay from left to right on adjacent reels starting from the leftmost reel. Hidden symbols appear with a chance to be stacks. These symbols are only revealed after the spin stops. Wild and Scatter symbols do not appear as hidden symbols.

Free Game Feature

Three locations with unique gameplay elements are available in the free game mode. They are Hall of Wealth, Palace of Triumph, and the House of Treasures.

Mr. Chu places his most cherished possessions in the Hall of Wealth. Here, the game awards players with 10 sure-win free spins and a bonus multiplier before the first free spin starts. The game will not make any deduction to the ten free spins when there is a no-win result after the spin.

The Palace of Triumph holds some of the biggest treasures from Mr. Chu’s collection. In this location, the game awards 10 free spins with four or five random Wild symbols distributed on the reels.

In the House of Treasures, Mr. Chu stores most of his known wealth. Here, the game awards 10 free spins with one or two reels picked and turned into a stacked reel Wild.


We recommend that players start this Spadegaming game with low bet amounts to test if the game is in its winning cycle. Players may increase their bets when the hit rate or frequency of Scatter symbols increases and wait for the game to enter the Free Game mode. At the Free Game, players may continue to bet high as the odds are in their favor, helping them win big. When the Free Game ends, players may decrease their bets and start the cycle again.

Another strategy is capitalizing on the high payout of the Hidden Symbol feature. Players may start with big bets and wait for the Hidden Symbols to appear. This high-risk and high-reward strategy enables the game to enter the Free Game mode earlier when many Hidden Symbols appear early on the gameplay.

Try Your Luck Now

Mr. Chu Tycoon by Spadegaming celebrates the wonders of the ancient imperial China with a lot of bonuses, historical icons, and high jackpot all in a gag-filled, golden-themed, money-packed slot game. Feeling Lucky? Try Mr. Chu Tycoon on JeetWin now or read about our other latest games. But first, register here to access gaming!

The game is now available on PC and on JeetWin mobile app.

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