How Can Beginners Start Winning Video Poker?

How Can Beginners Start Winning Video Poker?

A casino is ultimately a place of business. So almost every casino game allows the casino a higher chance for winning. For example, slot games can have over 10% house edge. That means no matter how good one person’s luck is, the average slot player will lose 10% of their money to their casino in the long run. The same goes for American roulette, with a house edge of 5%. But not all games are in the same row on this. Poker, for one, can have house edges lower than 1% on average. And not just that – poker is also a game that scales well with your skill. 

You cannot get ‘better’ at roulette, but that is a possibility in poker. If you are exceptionally good, you will actually turn poker into a sustainable source of profit. That said, the other thing is that you will lose money repeatedly if you are less skilled than your opponents. Video poker is a great way to learn the ropes. Not only do you have the convenience of your home, you also can consult guides such as this as you play. So here are some tips and tricks for beginners willing to get better at it. 

Explore Your Video Poker Options

The first thing one needs to know about poker is that it is not a singular game. There are any number of variations and nuances in poker rules. In fact, the actual game of poker remains more or less intact. They all follow a few general core principles. However, the catch is that they also have differing house edges just by the few changes in rules. So your first objective should be to look for the video poker type that fits your interests best. 

To earn money, you need to look out for the lowest house edge, to begin with. The poker variants that are available depends on the online casino that you want to play with. 

Read The Rules And The Pay Table

But what should you look out for other than the house edge? The obvious one, of course, is the main standout rule. To give an example: Aces and Faces have neat little extra bonuses if your final hand contains an Ace and a Face card. The other games in the previous list do not have it, but other bonus features. In Jacks or Better, having Jacks is a greater boon than other video poker games. Deuces Wild has strong wild cards to act as a decoy for any other card. So one should always remember these little points to leverage them in their rounds. But the other big point of consideration should be the pay table. 

A house edge is not just an indicator of how likely the average person is to win. It is about how much more money a house makes, i.e., a combination of the house’s chances and the payment policy. The pay tables sum up that payment department well. It is not difficult to understand. The standard of rating a pay table is how much it pays out on a flush and a full house. As a hint, you should give special preference to games that offer 9/6m i.e. you get nine coins for a full house and six for a flush. The difference might not be immediately apparent, but it is quite huge. In the same game, a 9/6 pay score will have 99.5% return rate, compared to a meagre 95% for 6/5. 

The General Good Practices of Regular Poker Still Applies

Video poker is not all that different from playing poker in a land casino. The one difference is that bluffs work differently. There are no poker faces in video poker, even if you are playing on a console in a physical casino. Other than that though, the usual poker no-no’s still apply. Never rely on your ‘favourite hand’ too much. You can not read hands, but only guesstimate ranges. But most importantly, remember that it is a form of draw poker. So you should always know what the better card is when the time comes to swap. There are numerous charts and guides on the internet for this. But the gist is that you must tend towards the top hands: royal flush, straight flush draws, four of a kind, straight, and full house.

But the final word on video poker – as in any form of poker – is that practice makes perfect. All the pros look like they are naturally talented, but they all have grinded the game for hours and hours. So get an AI poker game for practice rounds, and get better at the fourth and fifth street. The different nuances are there, but if you are good at one variant of poker, you will be good at almost all of them.

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