How Can One Use Their Gambling Skills to Stock Market Investing?

How Can One Use Their Gambling Skills to Stock Market Investing?

Gambling and stock market investing, to the untrained eye, belong in different worlds. The former strikes up a picture that is lavish yet addictive and destructive. The latter, on the other hand, makes us think about secure investments. Even the people affiliated with one of these worlds will probably say they are a lot different, and they are. But there are some similarities as well. Both gambling and stock market investing pose risks in terms of money. Whether you are gambling or investing in the stock market, you are putting your money at risk. 

Even though there are some in-your-face differences between the two, they can be quite similar at times. Short-time gamblers or short-time investors might not understand it. But people who have been in either of these worlds for a long time know that gambling skills can overlap with investing skills. The latter though involves greater patience and deep knowledge of the market. Gambling does not need as much research but both need practice. Here are a few ways how your gambling skills can come in handy while investing in a stock market. 

Risk Assessment

Stock market investing is subject to risk. We have heard it many times, but seem to forget it while investing. Without a keen knowledge of the market, putting your money at risk is a rookie mistake. Gamblers, on the other hand, can assess risks better than everyone. Seasoned gamblers know how to play their money to ensure the best results. Though the parameters of risk and reward in these two fields are vastly different, few people understand risk better than gamblers. 

Losing Before Winning 

Be it an investor or a gambler, everyone wants to win. Nobody wants to lose their hard-earned money. But much like gambling, investing is a game of perseverance. Gamblers understand that the basic rule of risking your money is to not get upset over small losses. Some investors retreat after losing some money and sell their stocks. They regret their decisions when they see the value of those stocks increasing later. Seasoned gamblers know that sometimes luck is not on your side and you might lose a few hands. But the best option is to not get upset over small losses because they pave the path to a win. 

Money is a Tool

The rule of gambling is to be detached from your money. First-time gamblers might have a problem with it, and it’s understandable. Nobody wants to part ways with their hard-earned money. But both seasoned gamblers and seasoned investors have one thing in common – they think of their money as a tool. Whether you are wagering at a table or buying stocks, money is a tool to gain more money. So even if you lose, it does not matter. They detach from their money and do not get upset over a loss. That’s how they keep being great gamblers. 

Long-term Value 

Most people gamble once or twice out of curiosity and that becomes a funny story they can tell later. There are some investors who are the same. If you are an experienced gambler, however, you will understand the importance of learning something inside out to become great at it. Stock market investment is a test of perseverance and knowledge. The more you study, observe and understand the market and its nooks and crannies, the better you can predict it. Gambling might be a game of chances but there is some skill required and they don’t appear overnight. Both gamblers and investors understand the long-term value. 

Walking Away 

Seasoned gambling is not always an addiction. Some people don’t know when to cut back on their bets. The same thing occurs to investors. But if you are a seasoned gambler, you will know when to walk away from a bet or an investment that has stuck you in limbo. 


Investment and gambling belong to two different worlds. The rules of these two games are vastly different. Gambling uses luck more than skill, while the stock market depends more on knowledge and intelligence. But when it comes to the question of money, both gamblers and investors have a similar mindset. They are there to win more money. Gamblers understand that they might not win back their wager in one night, and investors know that the wind might take months to blow in their favor. If you are a gambler, you might be a good investor. But you have to become well versed in the field of stock market investment before you try.

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