How Do Online Casinos Keep You Secure?

How Do Online Casinos Keep You Secure?

Hacking, and theft of personal information, as well as money, has been a major threat for any platform dealing with these things for a long time. This is even more of a concern for online casinos as frauds are something they deal with from time to time. And, unfortunately, this goes as far as putting even the players’ security to the question sometimes. Hackers issue DDoS attacks on these websites and demand a ransom to stop. 

Although cases of attack are pretty rare for online casinos, players should still be careful before putting their safety to the question. You should look for SSL certificates issued to the websites before committing to them. This certificate means that your transactions and personal information are completely protected and will not be put at risk in any scenario. There are a few things you can look for to make sure of your safety in online casinos. Go through this article to learn about them.

Password Protection

Passwords act like the first line of defense against any kind of security theft. Players have to put in passwords to protect their personal information. Many websites even put in a security question to refer to in case the players lose the password somehow. Make sure to create a really unique password that is near impossible to guess or decipher. As this is the first hurdle faced by the attackers, make it as high as possible.

Proper Identification 

In the case of real-money transactions, online casinos usually take security measures a step further. In these cases, you have to provide a scanned copy of your identity proof, and only then can you make real-money transactions. The websites do it mostly to weed out underage gamblers and to prevent any sort of illegality. The casinos follow these extra measures strictly as these incidents put the reputation and by extension and their gains at major risk.

Regular Auditing

These casinos are audited regularly to maintain that the softwares used by them are fair at all times. This is a good way to check whether the website is secure as the casinos display these certificates on screen. Another benefit of these certificates is that they also display the RTP. If the RTP makes the players lose more than they gain, meaning if they are unfair, the auditors flag them.

Game Testing

There is another benefit of regular auditing of the casinos. That is, the auditors check the games before they are publicly available. Two main bodies conduct these tests, eCORGA, and TST. Both are accredited testers approved by a lot of gaming authorities all over the globe. They usually conduct tests on RNG and RTP to make sure that the games stay fair. However, they provide full-fledged tests to determine the security measures as well.

Secure Payment Methods

Before committing to any online casino, make sure they have different forms of payment methods available. From mobile wallets to UPI’s and credit cards, there should be enough options available for everyone. Make sure the website pays out the refunds within three working days. This is your hard-earned money, so make sure that you have a way to get it back.

License and Certificates

Online casinos need a license issued by a gaming regulatory body to function. These licenses have rules and guidelines that determine the players’ security as their priority. One rule states that the players’ bankrolls should be kept in a separate account. This is to make sure that someone’s bankroll does not make up someone else’s gain. These licenses also approve the casinos to hire independent auditors to test the security systems. Casinos use a lot of measures to maintain the players’ security. You should check them properly before committing to one.


Along with the above-mentioned factors, another thing you can rely on is customer reviews. Here, quantity matters as much as quality. This is because more reviews mean more people are using the site, and numbers always mean good things when it comes to this. Reviews go a long way to give a good idea about a certain website’s reputation and security methods. This is why you should choose a website that displays these reviews on their website. A lot of websites also have live chat rooms for customer interactions. This means swift solutions to any problems you might have. Which, in turn adds a lot of points in the security and reliability column. So check all these factors properly to make sure the casino is safe. As a bonus, have a good time playing your favorite games.

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