How Much Should You Spend in a Casino to Get Free Benefits?

Casino Free Benefits

What amount of money do I have to spend in a casino to enjoy free benefits? It might seem like a simple question. Unfortunately, it is not. There is no magic number of dollars that you have to spend and immediately get into the magical land of casino freebies. Does not matter if it’s a complimentary cocktail, a parking space, or an all-expenses-paid trip to the casino, there are no rules. Each casino has its way of doing these things. Free benefits of a small-scale casino and a large-scale casino won’t only be different but players will also have to spend different amounts of money to get them. In this article, we will talk about how much you should spend in casinos to get free benefits.

What’s Comp?

Comp is a widely used word in the world of casinos. This word is a short form of the word ‘complimentary” . In other words ” free benefits.” In the betting world, comps are complimentary gifts from the casinos to the customers when they spend money in their casinos. Comps vary according to the size and scale of the casino as well as according to the amount the player spends in the casino. For example, any player will get a free cocktail no matter the amount of money they spend. On the other hand, people who spend large amounts of money will be treated like royalty in the casino. The quality of the comps you get depends on your spending.

Comp Levels of Casinos

As you would have already guessed, even though there is no specific amount of money you have to spend to get comps, more money means more comps. These are known as tiered free benefits. These are like loyalty programs where the more money you spend, the more you climb up that ladder of comps. The low-tier comps will include things like free cocktails, free parking, or maybe even valet parking depending on the location. The more you spend, the better the comps will get. You will get free food and even free upgrades to better rooms if it’s a hotel-casino.

The top-level players that spend a lot of money in the casinos get all-expenses-paid trips to the casino. They get their beverage, food, and room for free from the casino. The whales or the big shots even get private jets from large casinos that fly them to the casinos. But to get the VIP treatment, you have to spend thousands if not millions of dollars in the casino.

How do Casinos Determine Free Benefits?

But how do the casinos know how much you are spending continuously? Well, there are floor bosses and hosts in large casinos who usually issue comps. But you can also win them through player cards, as the casino will track all your plays. It is a computerized system that tells the operators how much they have spent so they can determine what comps to provide you with. Every time the player swaps their player card, the computers count how much money they’re spending. Even though the level of comps and the qualification are all different in different locations, some things remain the same. In most casinos, the player has to spend a certain amount of money and see some action to get comps. But unfortunately, the casinos do not disclose the amount of money to the players.

So How Much Do You Have to Spend to get Free Benefits?

Unfortunately, there is no specific answer to this as casinos never disclose these details. However, on average, there are about 6 tiers of comps in a casino. There is a gold tier, platinum tier, diamond tier, diamond plus tier, diamond elite tier, and seven stars tier. For the last one, players usually have to spend more than $150,000 and it comes with features like free rooms and food, also early check-in, and late checkout. If the casinos have ties to travel companies or airlines, they might also give you travel vouchers and such if you are a seven-star tier member.


So to answer the first question, we cannot give you a concrete answer about how much you have to spend in a casino to get free benefits. But spending about $4999 will get you gold tier comps. For platinum tier comps you have to spend $5000-$14,999, or the diamond, $15,000-24,999, for the diamond plus $25,000-$74,999. And for diamond elite tiers, you have to spend about $75,000-$149,999. Hopefully, this will give you an idea about the amount of money you can spend in a casino to win free benefits and comps.

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