How to Identify Blacklisted or Scam Gambling Sites?

How to Identify Blacklisted or Scam Gambling Sites?

In the modern era, almost all our activities require an internet connection. It connects us not only with people but also with our hobbies and work. Gambling is no different. With a sudden surge of online gambling sites, it is no wonder that people are more and more drawn to the idea of wagering from home. Especially with the rise of a pandemic, everyone wants to avoid going to crowded places like casinos. But not all gambling sites are safe for you. There can be scam websites that can steal your money and also your identity. These are a few days you can identify scam gambling websites. 

1. Check for License: 

One of the main ways to identify a safe gambling website is through checking their license. All trusted and safe gambling sites have a license from a verified authority like Malta Gaming Authority or the UK Gambling Commission. Scam websites will not have these licenses. And even though they might offer you great bonuses and deals, you should stay well away from those. Not only can these websites refuse to give you your winnings, but they may also steal your deposit money. So be careful while choosing the best website for you. 

2. Read Professional Reviews: 

If you are still afraid of making a wrong choice, always look for a professional opinion. You can find many trusted websites where professional gamblers review gambling sites. You can always find professional reviews that can help you identify legit sites. Professional gamblers give honest reviews of websites. And not only can you stay away from scam and blacklisted websites this way but also find legit websites that fit your criteria. 

3. Read the Terms and Conditions: 

This one might be a little surprising but the terms and conditions of any gambling website are a big giveaway of their legitimacy. Some scam websites say that they are allowed to sell the user’s information in their terms and conditions. As bizarre as this might sound, identity theft is an even bigger threat in rogue gambling sites than just merely losing some money. So read the terms and conditions of the websites thoroughly before making a deposit. 

4. Popularity: 

This is another way of judging if the site you are looking at is safe or not. Usually, the bigger and more popular websites are legit and licensed. This means that if you are playing at very popular websites, you are probably safe from scams. You can also read the comments that previous players have left on the website or user reviews to get an idea about the website. And since these users have firsthand experience of the website, they can also tell you if the games are rigged or not. 

5. Unrealistic Offers: 

When it comes to gambling, if an offer is too good to be true, it usually is a lie. Scam websites often give you very attractive but unrealistic bonuses and offer to trick you into spending more money on their website. If you see some offers that seem unfeasible, you should probably do in-depth research about that website before spending money. Otherwise, you might end up losing it. 

6. Ambiguous Information: 

Legit casino websites always have all the info you will need about the operator and the developer on the site. But if you see a website where they are being obscure about this information, chances are this is a scam. You should always go for websites that have readily available info about the operator. This means they are transparent about their business and have nothing to hide. 


Gambling is already risky enough as it is. No game can guarantee you a win. But that does not mean that your money cannot be safe while playing these games. There are a lot of blacklisted gambling sites that might try to steal your money or your info. It is best to stick to well-known websites with a lot of reviews. This way you will know that your money is in safe hands. But even if you are playing on a popular website, always check out their terms and conditions. This helps you get all the information you need about any website. It only takes a few minutes and can save you from a lot of scams.

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