How To Keep Time And Limit Money Bets?

How To Keep Time And Limit Money Bets?

Most casinos employ certain tricks to fuel your gambling addictions. If you have been to any casino, you will relate. And be sure to check the ones you might have missed in the excitement of slot machines. Some of the most popular tricks are:

  • You will rarely come across a clock in a casino. The management wants gamblers to lose count of their time. This results in spending unlimited hours there. 
  • They create an illusion by making you play with chips instead of real money. As a result, most players bet big, as chips make it easier than real money. 
  • Casinos often offer free rounds of drinks to players indulged in high-stakes games. It makes your judgment questionable, and you tend to make regrettable decisions. 
  • Casinos use bright paints and lights, high-pitched sounds, and labyrinthine flooring. All of these features restrict your interaction with the outside world. And you tend to spend all your money and time. 

Almost all gambling addicts will confess how they spend hours in casinos, squandering away money. They cannot keep themselves in check, resulting in numerous problems in their lives. If you have just started playing online poker and do not want to end up like them, keep some tips in mind. 

Speed-of-play limit

A recent online study found out that if there is a speed-of-play limit in any casino game, the expenditure of a player gets reduced considerably. The study focused on players of an online roulette game. Players tend to bet lower when there is an enforced rule of one bet every 60 seconds of spin. The reduction occurs because a reduction in the mean number of spins outweighs the potential increase in betting amounts. Hence, this technique of speed-of-play limit may be effective in lowering gambling expenses for casino games.

Personalized loss-limit reminders

A Norwegian study found that gamblers receiving personalized feedback regarding their loss showed substantial reductions in gambling expenditure. Research data from most countries indicate that a significant minority display gambling addictions. In Norway, the numbers show that people with gambling addiction form less than 1% of the country’s population. The Norwegian government has this personalized loss-limit reminder policy in place. They give gamblers personalized feedback when they cross 80% of their spending limit. This has shown a considerable reduction in the amount of money gambled.

Time trackers

Be it online gaming or being there physically in casinos, time trackers always limit gameplay time. Most online gambling websites have a constant timer. Players can check it to see the hours they are spending playing. There is also a vast array of time tracker mobile applications players can download. They can act as a type of gambling alarm clock. You are constantly reminded of the time you are spending gambling. It will reduce your gambling expenditure and stop you from wasting a lot of time in casinos. 

Pre-commitment tools

Most gambling operators have some pre-commitment tools in place. They implement some mandatorily, while others are voluntary and mostly at the gambler’s discretion. The most popular pre-commitment tools are:

  • Deposit limit: This limit dictates the maximum amount of money you can deposit into your playing account at any given time
  • Loss limit: This limit dictates the maximum amount you can afford to lose in any session of play
  • Play Limit: This limit sets the highest amount of time or money you can spend playing at any given time
  • Bet Limit: This limit specifies the highest amount you can afford to bet in one session or per game.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol tends to make us make regrettable decisions. It impairs our sense of judgment. Such behavior at roulette or blackjack tables often results in high losses for individuals. Hence, avoiding alcohol in casinos altogether as a state of sobriety will help you make better decisions. Sober individuals tend to limit their gambling expenditure or hours spent gambling. 


Gambling is an addiction that you need to take very seriously. You might start it as fun. But it will soon become an addiction if not kept in check. The above tips are some basic things to keep in mind while gambling. However, we advise serious addicts to seek professional help.

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