How to start online casino betting with JeetWin?

Experience the excitement of online casino betting with JeetWin

Online casinos are the most convenient way to experience the world of online casino betting from the comfort of your home. With its close replication of the non-stop playing atmosphere of land-based casinos, online betting has become a major thing! The captivating world of online gaming is truly majestic, and anyone would be pleased to participate. But where do you begin this activity? Do not search any further, JeetWin is your best companion to make your online casino betting a reality.

From its partnered online casino game providers in live casino games, such as Ezugi, Sexy, and AG, you would enjoy many game selections. To know more about these three game providers and understand how to participate in all its game products via JeetWin, stay on reading this detailed guide until the very end of this post.

Online Casino Betting

The term “online casino betting” refers to playing games and betting on them in the online domain. However, to do this activity, you need to have reliable net access and applicable gadget to access an online gaming platform to perform online casino betting. Therefore, you must ensure that all the requirements are available within your reach.

How to create a casino betting id?

To create a casino betting id, head to JeetWin casino website. Click on sign up. From there you need to fill few details, like, name, username, password and email address. Once done, click ” join now” and just like that you will have an betting id with endless betting possibilities. You can also join welcome promotion as well, IPL Fantasy Promotion, birthday bonus and more, check out.

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Is online casino betting legal in India ?

Based on the current situation and law about it, the legality of this activity is still unclear. However, the Indian government’s existing states have the power to allow it or not based on their governing rules. In that aspect, some states allow online casino gambling activities, however, some states in India prohibit it seriously from taking place.

From such different takes on online gambling in every state in India, still, it should still be followed accordingly. Even though there is no specific law that prohibits online gambling in the nation, participating in this activity should be aligned with the state law where you live in India. Having said that, online casino betting can be allowed depending on your state laws. Simply ensure its legality to avoid potential consequences for partaking in this kind of activity.

To start online casino betting in India, these are the detailed steps to do it.   

  1. Find a trustworthy online gaming platform. 
  2. Sign Up & Create a member account.
  3. Make your deposit in the gaming site.
  4. Select a casino game to play.
  5. Start playing the casino game.

Online casino betting with JeetWin

JeetWin, an online gaming platform, is among the best ones in its existing category. All because of its promising and top-tier gaming offerings that make it one of the best platforms throughout Asia, specifically in India. Partnered by its top three gaming providers, namely Sexy, Ezugi and AG. Therefore, the JeetWin platform can truly compete with the world’s leading online gaming websites, and that holds facts. JeetWin since 2017 is giving unparalleled gaming and betting opportunities to all its existing members. In that aspect, we can entirely prove that JeetWin is giving an impressive gaming experience to everyone who plays using its platform and that alone is notable. 

Features of the Ezugi, Sexy, and AG Platforms

Features of Ezugi platform

Ezugi Features is a provider of cutting-edge live dealer games. A platform that is being recognized for its stunning gaming shows, which are aired live from Ezugi’s studios or land-based casinos. What is more, Ezugi’s technology in live gaming is highly optimized in every device screen monitor, which all comes with a friendly user interface. The live gaming experience of Ezugi is indeed providing an impressive online casino betting experience in all aspects. 

Features of Sexy (AE) platform

The Sexy Features is focused on providing seductive and attractive live dealers on its live casino dealer games. The charming bikini-dressed-up dealers who change up their appearances on the streaming games to invite players to play their live games are so far hard to beat and compete in all aspects. Ultimately, the game dealers are what make this game developer stand out in the crowd and the overall competition. It is no surprise that its dealers are the most essential fragment of the entire player experience. In the end, this feature is what makes them different from the rest of live gaming providers.

Features of the AG platform

The AG Features is focused on providing fair, quality, and cutting-edge gaming products. Most particularly in their live dealer gaming section, which is visible with their progress and performances in this category. AG (Asia Gaming) makes the live streaming of its live dealer games on the top level and entirely on a different landscape. There is no denying that this platform is renowned for providing a rewarding gaming encounter for its casino players. This only makes this platform indeed committed to creating fair, transparent, and high-ranking live dealer gaming for all its existing players. 

What kind of games are available?

In this part, we aim to provide some of the games that are made available on Ezugi, Sexy, and AG platforms. Therefore, make sure you are still here as we give names to the different live casino games.

Ezugi Games:

  • 32 Games
  • Namaste Roulette
  • Andar Bahar
  • Dragon Tiger
  • Teen Patti
  • Lucky 7
  • Cricket War
  • Sic Bo

There are more games to add, however, these are the top games you can play on the Ezugi platform. At present, there are a total of 18 online casino games that are available in the mentioned gaming platform. From this list, you can choose the casino game you want to play.

Sexy (AE) Games:

  • Sexy Live (On the inside, there are live dealer games to choose from). Therefore, choose the one game you want to access, and you can play it directly. Games like Sexy baccarat, dragon tiger, dice, sedie, roulette are available.

AG Games:

  • AG Live (Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Sic Bo, and other games)

How to bet on Ezugi, Sexy, and AG platforms on JeetWin

In this portion, we are going to give you an illustration and the overall steps on how to bet on the platforms of Ezugi, Sexy, and AG. This guide is composed of general steps, and this means it applies to any of them: Ezugi, Sexy, and AG. Keep on reading as we entirely guide you through the entire online casino betting process.  

1st step: Visit JeetWin and log in to your player account.

2nd step: Head over “Casino Tab” on the top section of the JeetWin website and click it.

3rd step: Choose between EVO, SA, and MG platforms from the page where you will play games.

4th step: Select a live dealer casino game from the available options. It can be Roulette, Sic Bo, or others.

5th step: After selecting a game, you can now play it and place your bets.


The realm of online casino betting represents the captivating combination of entertainment, casino games, and rewards. With the convenience it gives and the massive ray of available games, there is no doubt this industry will remain to stay. However, we should understand the legalities of online casino betting in India, practice responsible gambling, and above all choose a safe platform to potentially reap the great benefits of a real casino gaming experience. In the end, safe online gaming should be our main goal no matter the circumstances we face.

Bet and Win with JeetWin

Head over to JeetWin and be part of our growing online gaming community. Play our online casino games, or venture into live dealer gaming and experience playing like no other. Win your predictions and cash out in hours with JeetWin.

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